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Hey my Topy on a few shoes is peeling off.

Can I use SHOE GOO to glue it back on?

EDIT: found out about something called Barge Cement. would that do the trick? is it safe to use?
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Originally Posted by RIDER View Post

Here is a little bit on shoe care that I did for Steve's newsletter...

I just signed up to this forum to thank you for that amazing post.  Exactly the info I was looking for, heading over to Amazon to order the supplies you listed.  Thanks so much. 



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Greetings all,


First post.  Been lurking for a little while.


This thread is just what I needed, when I am just starting to get my first nice (for me) shoes.


I've bought two pairs of Ferragamo Parigis, and have some entry level Bruno Magli pieces.


I know that's small potatoes for the people on this forum, but they're right for the level I'm playing at and I'm really enjoying them.


Last night I bought shoe trees on the Jos A Bank buy one, get two free sale. 


This week, before I get home from working offshore, I'll sort myself out with a bunch of Saphir products and will start practicing soon.


But the question I have is about caring for the suede stuff.  The brass brush and rubber brush for nubuck have been mentioned for stain cleaning and preserving the texture of suede...


But what about the oils in the leather?  Isn't suede subject to the same dehydration effects that other leathers are?  Since you can't polish suede, what products do you use to keep it oiled/hydrated and how do you apply them? 


I really want to keep these Parigis looking their best and in great condition for as long as I can.






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For the benefit of others after me, I have found these things out:


Dealing with suede often is often summarized as "spray protectant on it and brush the nap when it's looking tired"


But there do exist some suede conditioning products specifically with nourishment in mind.


Ecco makes a "Nubuck and Suede Conditioner Daily Care" spray.  Daily was probably more than I was thinking would be necessary,

and I wasn't sure Ecco was trustworthy enough a brand.


I also found a company called Leather Magic.  Apparently their entire business is based on conditioning leather.  And they seem to

have been around for a while, so OK.  They have a Suede Conditioner that is pure conditioner.


They also make cleaner - there's a bunch of cleaners on the market though.  Still, they make one more interesting product for suede and nubuck:  A UV guard:


Particularly recommended for naked leathers like nubuck and suede.  So there you are - now your shoes need sunblock.  I ordered some of this. 


In addition to the brass and rubber bristled brushes recommended, I also found this product geared towards scrubbing suede/nubuck:


The above website was also a very good-value resource for horsehair polishing brushes etc for someone starting out like I am.


Remaining knowledge gap is that I can't seem to get anyone to commit to what the ideal products are for ostrich and elephant.  They're fairly unique skins, and neither really fits under the banners of either calf based or reptile.    Would love some experienced comments on that from someone.


hope this helps another noob like me.



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nice posts ccm and thanks for sharing useful info.

Does anyone know is crema alpina safe for croc?
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Don't know about crema alpina, but Saphir Reptan Beauty Milk sounds like a winner.


I've bought one of these, but didn't get a chance to start working on my boots this last leave.


all the best,



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Many thanks. I'll try to get my hands on saphir reptan

Btw I tried crema alpina on a small portion near the heal, and think it should work fine on croc (nothing mentioned on the label though except not suitable for suede and nubuck)
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Has anybody used Saphir Gel Polish which says

"Translucent cream recommended for the care of multicoloured, braided, pearly or metallised leather which resists penetration of classic polish. Its light formula favors the shiny instead of the nourishing waxes and protects from dirt."

Any feedback is welcome, am thinking to get it for one of my black shoes that I think is too smooth/shiny for normal waxes to penetrate into
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What waterproofing spray do you guys recommend?

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Originally Posted by poena View Post

After reading this whole thread it is basically information overload.
I think i'm going to go with AE supplies for now, unless someone talks me out of it.
I've got some terry cloths or old tshirts I could use to apply the cleaners/polish.
So I am looking at these items.
Shoe Polish
Horse hair brush
Do I need a cream or wax also? What step is that? Is the Kiwi stuff in the little tins a wax?
Also what order does everything go on?

Ditto. My head is spinning, too.


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I think Ron Rider's post is really excellent and very helpful on shoe care, and I personally hardly use any wax or cream polish after i got crema alpina
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Let's post in the Official Shoe Care Thread here instead of in this thread.
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I was getting through some old shoe care posts and I found your question regarding GTA area with shoe care web around it.

Try ,is based in Ontario and got some good stuff - majority Europe made items.



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accidental post

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