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Defunct RTW, which I guess can be found NOS or used today: Saint Andrews for Luciano Barbera.

Currently available RTW, and the only RTW jackets that I still buy regularly: the Borrelli Linosa and Sorrento models.

- B
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If that was "the suits in my closet" full stop I'd be deeply envious, but those are just your favorites?! Damn, that's one fine collection!

This is the order of my favorites in my closet:
1. Kiton
2. Brioni
3. Luciano Barbera (Attolini)
4. ISAIA Solo 8
5. Zegna made to measure
6. Borrelli
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Well, I know about that part, just some suit maker never work for me no matter how many different model of them I tried... For some reason I never settle with one cut. I don't think it's because I haven't found the perfect cut, it's just I want versatility in my suit choice.

When I want slim, I go for RLBL, when I want presence I go for Versace, when I want a slim, but in a different style than RLBL (in my opinion RLBL's really low button make it hard to wear without tie), I go for Gucci, when I want the single button, with more fairly nipped waist, I go for Richard James. I just never find "the" cut that suits every mood and occasion. Don't konw if others have similar experience.

Originally Posted by Nicola View Post
You need to not think about the weight. We're fairly close in weight/height yet we take totally different sizes. Think about things in terms of cut and forget your weight. It's not an issue. You need something to fit your build.

Some body should start importing Italian 46 into the US. The companies make plenty. Or at least the shops stock them here.
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I agree with you and i dont believe there is a "one brand suits all occassion" type. I like RLBL for the slim and low button stance and D&G for the more "masculine" construction. Jil Sander is another good one for a "different then RLBL" slim
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Originally Posted by apropos View Post

RLBL fits me very well, though it can appear a little 'severe' to some eyes. PRL is mostly too damned baggy - 46" around the chest for a tagged 40R is just unacceptable.

What I rate extremely highly though, is Caruso for RLPL - superlative fabrics, great finishing (not the best, but near), and designed for men not 'over the hill'.

My sz 40 PRL are 42" around the chest. Perhaps you tried an older model or it was mistagged?
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