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June wedding in Shanghai

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I'm getting married in Shanghai next month and can't decid on a suit fabric. I wanted a seersucker, but no tailors have it here, which is ironic since so much of the fabric is made in China. It will be an evening wedding, outdoors, and my fiance will be wearing a white lace qipao (Chinese dress). It is bound to be hot and muggy, and a tux is too formal for the environment, as the entire wedding is somewhat nontraditional. Any suggestions? I'm not Chinese, so please don't suggest i wear something Chinese; westerners look silly in that gear, or at least i would. I'm thinking of a two or three button navy blue linen. Is this perhaps too casual? Any idea about shirt and tie? Looking forward to some sound advice from forum members. Thanks.
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whats the difference between a seersucker and a white striped cotton suit? i would err on the side of cotton over linen - i know people love the wrinkled and slightly disshevelled look of linen, but I just dont think it photographs well for posterity. otherwise ultra lightweight wool
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Which cotton fabrics would you suggest colorwise?
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also direct you to this post on Tom Mahon's blog which may be of interest: http://www.englishcut.com/archives/000056.html
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Which cotton fabrics would you suggest colorwise?
what time of day is the wedding?
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7PM. It will still be light out for the ceremony but the reception and dinner are in the same spot (outdoor garden) so it will be dark shortly after.
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how about very very dark navy (almost black) compromises well between the formality of black for evening wear and the advantages of navy while the sun is still up (as it will be at 7pm in a Shanghainese summer)
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I guess that navy or black would be fine. Light colors would not be very suitable for the evening and the contrast with the bride's dress would be too weak.
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Also keep in mind that Chinese are superstitious, so check that the color you pick is not somehow cursed. In such a case wearing red may be better than navy or black if these colors have a problem. I had a shirt made just before Chinese new year and when I looked at fabric swatches a lot of red was sold out. When Manton wakes up, he'll read a thread where we talk about a wedding in red and he may have to agree that given the circumstances it may make sense. Mathieu
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Any idea about shirt and tie?
what color qipao? random suggestion - why not have a pocket square made from the same silk as the qipao is being made from?
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what color qipao?
The "white lace qipao" is probably white. That's why I said he should go for something dark.
random suggestion - why not have a pocket square made from the same silk as the qipao is being made from?
White lace shirt. Now that's an idea.
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haha - oops read across the white lace thing anyhow the suggestion was to have a pocket square not a whole shirt of the same material, but that wont work with lace either so then white linen pocket square perhaps?
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navy blue cotton would be elegant and fresh. Silk could be an option too, but it's flashy. Or a 70% cotton 30% linen fabric maybe ? luc
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I would definitely get a cotton-linen shirt for its coolness. Who are the in-laws, guests, etc.? What would they think of the garments we proposed. Chinese will have a different point of view, so a suit that would be fine in the west could be somewhat off in China.
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I agree with Alchimiste -- I'd defer to your bride on what clothes are appropriate. For fabric, I'd go for an ultralight wool with a fine-weave cotton shirt. Make sure your socks are ultralight too. Is it still the rainy season in June in Shanghai? (I spent a summer in Shanghai in the early 90's -- it's an amazing place.) If so, I guess you'll have to take into account the increased humidity and the possibility having your suit get hit by some stray rain drops (which wouldn't show as much on a dark suit).
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