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Jeans question

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To all Euroguys: I will be joining you guys over in Europe shortly. I'll be there from mid January till mid May. I've heard Levi's are really popular; but which styles? I'm thinking of buying a pair over here first, to save money.
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A pair of dark-blue 501s will serve you well - it's not the pinnacle of fashion, but still an accepted 'standard' item and they cost at least twice as much here in europe. B
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Agree with Bjorn. Another option if you're young and care more about being with it than with buying the highest quality, is Gap jeans. They're insane expensive in Europe, and lots of people in the hip areas of places like London, Berlin, and Paris wear them. Or, just wait. Marques such as Energie are more reasonable in Europe. (In Vienna, a pair of Gap jeans costs 86 euros at Steffl on Kaertner-strasse, whereas a pair of Energies at Bernhart down the street is most like 60.) Peace, JG
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TYPE ONE. Re-released recently, have just been gettin MASSIVE reviews in UK and US fashion magazines. They'll be popular when you get here, so I suggest you buy 'em. European Interloper
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