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A Mos Burger, surprisingly good. Has a patty, some sloppy Joe and onion mixture, a huge slice of tomato and some unmelted cheese
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Hard to see in the picture, but this is a hoodie for your pack of cigarettes. Found in a vending machine at "Smokers Style" in Akihabara, a pretty cool place which seems to have almost no purpose other than being a place to smoke off the street.
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An untapped market for Ricky or Alex perhaps?
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The Uniqlo selvedge jeans - better pics hopefully coming soon if Slim can find a place to host them
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Uniqlo's jeans section (Shinjuku)
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WOW, J, great stuff...
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Sorry about the big ass pictures, but I'm not able to resize outside my camera right now, and I'm too damn lazy to do that right now... http://tokyo-slim.tripod.com/tokyo/denim1 http://tokyo-slim.tripod.com/tokyo/denim2 By the way, that second pic has some sort of upload fubar so it looks like the pic got a little eaten in translation. I'll fix it later - you should be able to get the gist of it.
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So the travelogue... I'm seriously feeling sort of overloaded at this point. We are winding down in an internet cafe near our hotel (finally found one close). It's like 10 dollars for 3 hours of internet use, all the manga perv comics you could want, pool tables, free drinks (soft), PS2 games, DVDs, etc. Last night was Roppongi. We hit the famous Gas Panic bars and I was pretty unimpressed. Slim and I didn't want to stay out all night so we had to get moving before the last train. The action in Roppongi starts late, probably after we left. We might try it again when we feel up to pulling an all-nighter. For those who say Japan is really expensive, in this case you are right. It's hard to hit the clubs or bars for cheap. And if you want to actually drink at the bars and clubs you will need a lot more money. For example, Guinness on draft was 900 yen (about 9 dollars). Mixed drinks start at about 10 dollars. The cheapest beer you could get was about 5 (at Gas Panic). After leaving Gas Panic and trying a couple other options, I chose the street level style - grabbed a couple 500ml's of Asahi Dry at the am/pm store and drank on the street about 5 feet from a cop while Slim ate his second beef gyro of the night. Excellent gyros from a real Turkish guy in a plastic bus-shaped street stand with Heineken on tap. After that it was time to hit the subway. We left Johnny to stay the night in Roppongi - he wanted to check out the late action. Today we heard he stayed at Gas Panic until about 2 then hit the Gera Gera from which the last log was posted and slept there among the drunks and transsexual hookers. Next weekend I will definitely go overnight, but I really needed sleep. Today we left Johnny to sleep it off and Slim and I went out to Harajuku for the fruits in the park and the fashion district. The park was full of bands playing on the sidewalk and across the way was the annual Thai festival with lots of Thai food and Thai people, and right through the throngs was a field with an organized soccer game with jerseys and refs and everything. We returned to the park and checked out the bands, the goth-lolitas and everything else. Not really as many fruits-type people as I was hoping, but it wasn't the best weather. Maybe it will be better next week. We checked out the Prada flagship, an amazing piece of architecture and a really nice place to peruse. Slim got some excellent shots of the exterior which hopefully he will post soon. Also saw Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, the Puma store, and missed the Dior, YSL and Gaultier shops. All that we saw was outstanding. The afternoon's activities unfortunately were doomed by an extremely violent rainstorm. We had to take shelter for about 20 minutes with a bunch of other people in the Citibank/cafe/boutique building there. I hope next Sunday is nicer so we can get more and better pics of the fruits for everyone to enjoy. After the extreme downpour we managed to find the famous katsu restaurant Maisen nearby. We ordered (you guessed it) the katsu and it was astounding. An extremely good cut of pork, perfectly prepared, highly recommended. The most expensive meal yet at 23/person but definitely worth it. The fashion house tour was actually after the katsu but I don't feel like editing right now. I think I'm going to go play some pool and then head home to bed. Not sure what tomorrow's plan is but we definitely haven't seen everything there is to see here.
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Alias: found you some stuff...
Ha ha, awesome.
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j, your family thanks you for the travelogue.
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Converse 12-hole stiletto boots
Actually, I think Mark Jacobs made these a few seasons ago. I definintely have seen these (both runway and in person.) Evidently, they didn't get that much pay in the states, although I've a few girls wearing them in LA and NYC. Maybe labelking can help me narrow down the exact provenance.
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Those selvedge jeans, noticed they are my size. Are they for me? If so, totally looking forward to them J. Thanks dude.
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Wow, that's really cool. Thanks for posting here, J. Nice to here what's going down there nowadays. Tokyo, apparently your pictures violated the tripod TOS? Won't let me see them.
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Very good pics. The wax mannequin is my favorite. I'd like to see some more of the crazies on the street, and more monkeys, if possible.
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Sounds like you're having a blast. I'd love to make that trip in the future. Just the big difference in customs and way-of-life seems amazing to me.
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