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No walking and drinking?  Tokyo has some very strange rules  
I was there a few years back, and my Japanese teacher pointed out that the etiquette was not to walk and drink with anything. If someone opened a can of soda, odds are they would stay rooted to the spot until it was finished. I cannot image how funny a Japanese frat party would be, in that case.
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j when in ginza, go to the food floor at mitsukoshi department store and find the giotto pastry counter and order something, even if one piece, and watch in amazement at how it is packaged that one piece is put in a box with spacers so it doesn't fall over, mini ice packs are added to keep it cool, the box is wrapped in a cord and a wood toggle attached, a date stamp as to freshness expiration is added before being put into a carrying bag .......... such is the packaging obsessesion that i found so fascinating in japan
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make sure you hit Harajuku's Yoyogi park on sunday afternoon (i am assuming they still do this) where they close down the street to pedestrian traffic only and about 50 bands will be playing simultaneously down the street with their little entourage of fans (of which consists of lots of syncronized moves by the female fans etc) can pretty much see every music genre represented all playing about 20 feet from each other at full blast. good stuff. and naturally i am partial to the "greaser crews" that set up dance circles at the entrance point and blast good ol school rockabilly and take turns bopping in the middle of circle. Tokyo is hella fun. i love the sensory overload of the town.
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yes the 1950s greaser dudes looking like they just finished performing 'grease' on broadway, are some of the more enduring visuals in harajuku
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J, You can finance your whole trip my merely standing out side of Hermes or LV and purchasing multiple items for the Japanese citizens, after all, you are white. They won't impose limits on you. Jon.
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Heh, I'm quite sure that there is no issue with the Japanese purchasing LV / Hermes items in their own country, if they can afford it. Prices are rediculous there.
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seems taking a holiday to Hawaii or S. Korea is a cheaper alternative to getting LV etc than buying in Japan i remember years ago the "gray market" being a huge thing, where geezers would buy up stock here and re-sell it in Japan somewhere between US and Japan prices i wonder if costs are as high as they used to be...i remember parking in Roppongi for about an hour and it costing approx $22
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i was just there in the fall and the prices are still way out of whack for everything - even a taxi cab can kill your budget (buy a metro pass instead) the best prices for hermes goods, for example, are at narita airport (there are 3 duty free shops) and the prices in the duty free shops are better than the prices in the store even with the tax rebate factored in
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Tokyo is supposed to be the most expensive place on Earth? (or is it HongKong?) Very interesting... so much money... and they say McDonald's prices are way cheaper than Europe or US.
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they say McDonald's prices are way cheaper than Europe or US.
no way.....a Big Mac combo cost almost $10 and that's with the now nonexistent small drink (just bigger than a styrofoam coffee cup) and small fries (the current $1 menu fries in the paper bag).....assuming prices havent drastically gone down in the past few years the prices are so high on things that after a while you get accustomed to $20 being a super cheap dinner. of course you can eat like a local on some great ramen for about $5. a delivery boy drops off a ceramic bowl full of hot ramen and you place the empty bowl outside your door and he comes back and picks it up later. crazy.
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(Geowu @ May 09 2005,17:37) they say McDonald's prices are way cheaper than Europe or US.
no way.....a Big Mac combo cost almost $10
I remember in two years ago I got a McDonalds value meal in Lichtenstein that cost about USD 12. I couldn't even image what it is now, probably around $16. Now THAT is ridiculous.
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maybe not in Tokyo. I heard from a person from Kyoto eating McDonalds in Paris that the prices were lower in Japan. btw, crazy that ramen thing
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I believe they also sell steaks in vending machines. The prices in Japan for Leica/Rolleiflex, any sort of German camera is also high. Take a lark into the KATSUMIDO camera store in Ginza, Tokyo.
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Tokyo *CAN* be the most expensive place on earth. But then again, it can also be very reasonable. for example, I am staying there for 15 nights - and my hotel total is $320 USD. I dare any New Yorker, Parisian, or Londonite to come up with a hotel that inexpensive where you don't have to worry about being shot at or mugged in your sleep. With a modicum of research you may discover a 24 hour chinese restaraunt that serves an excellent whole Peking Duck, feeding 3-4 people, for under $25 total. Including soup, rice, and drink. Or a Karaoke bar that is all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes for around $13 (including a private Karaoke room) Just a couple examples. Plus my plane ticket cost less than $500. I'll try to post some pics while we are there.
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I heard from a person from Kyoto eating McDonalds in Paris that the prices were lower in Japan.
And you trust people who go to France and eat at McDonald's?
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