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Okay, I have measurements now. This is on the selvedge size 33s. Numbers are preshrunk / after shrinking. Across top of the waist: 40.5cm / 39.5 Front rise from crotch to waist above button: 32 / 31 Rear rise from crotch to waist: 37.5 / 36.5 Inseam from crotch to hem: 91 / 89 Seat across back pocket corners: 56 / 55 I am probably going to go with a 32 for myself. I tried these on and they are pretty loose compared to how I like them. I will have more later but I wanted to post these while I still remember what the numbers mean.
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I must mention that there are no inseam sizes on any of the jeans. They are all about a 34 inseam.
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Coul you change my order to a 32 ring denim pair, j. Thanks.
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looks like those will fit beautifully.
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Actually, if it isn't too late, could you change my order back to a pair of 33 ring/rings (non selvedge). Thanks j. Sorry for the hassle.
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LAguy.... are you buying true to size? It seems as if J is buying a size down.... I'm confused.
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I'll stick to the size 31 dry uniqlos selvage. Thanks j.
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Uniqlo 30" waist cotton/linen jeans for me please. I wonder how the weather in Japan is now. Korea usually bears the brunt of all the crappy stuff.
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Luc, I can get whatever you want if you promise to reimburse plus shipping and handling. Let me know soon though - we leave on the 26th.
Nothing for me J, thanks. .luc
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J, same info as the PM i sent you. 32" dry selvage, thanks.
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J, same info as the PM i sent you.  32" dry selvage, thanks.
Are you buying true to size? sizing up/down?
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i'm buying true to size, aware that these will shrink a tad figure if they are a bit loose, they will shrink just right if they are just right, i'll dry clean them and keep them looking "dry"
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J... If it's no trouble, size 31 in the selvage would be great. Thanks in advance.
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True to size +1: I prefer my jeans looser than tighter at the waist/hips. For example, I am wearing a pair of APC New Standards (raw) right now in size 32. 31 would have probably fit perfectly, (30's were too tight - about right at the waist, but really tight on the thighs). but I like the extra space in the 32s. Nearly all my jeans are loose at the hips. Why do you think like belts so much?
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I'll take a pair of dark rinsed denim size 30 if that's possible. I would, of course, pay you through paypal. If you want a PM with more details don't hesitate... thanks a lot
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