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Help in choosing shirt colors

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]My Webpage[/url] I need some help in choosing good dress shirts for this newly-acquired jacket.  It is a light aquamarine (more blue with a very slight hint of green) with an orange-tan window pane, the lines being about 2" apart.  My complexion is fair (but not really pale), and I have blue eyes and brown hair that is graying. The jacket has a fairly smooth finish and is light- to medium-weight cashmere.  I think browns will work, but I'd like to use blue too. I feel that light blue might not work--fighting with the jacket color. Is this right?  How dark in the blue spectrum can I go for a dress shirt?  What other colors would work? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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How about orange? Or maybe an orange tie. Blue shirt should be fine. luc
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Thanks, Luc.  I do have a peach-toned, cream-colored shirt that I thought might work.  Can dark blue be considered a "dress" shirt color, or is it usually considered casual?  What about a medium blue that provides a contrast to the light blue of the jacket?  Or would that be considered too casual too?
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To some extent (of course), this sportscoat is casual I think a light/medium blue herringbone would be great. Dark blue is not my favourite shirt colour and is not considered dressy anyway. .luc
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Anyway, it's hard to tell from a computer picture, since it can look a lot different depending on the light (natural, neon...etc). Very nice jacket though .luc
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I agree with Luc that orange would be a perfect match.
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]My Webpage[/url]]My Webpage[/url] Thank you, Luc, and LA Guy.  I must admit I hadn't thought about orange at all, but maybe a light orange--or a burnt-orange?--would be a good idea. Here are a couple more pics that seem to get the color a little better than the first image.  Would a shirt the color of the lining work well? Maybe a herringbone (as suggested by Luc) in this color? What about various shades of brown, beginning with a light tan and running to medium brown?  Would a light green or a light-medium green work at all? Any other colors?
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