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I recall reading somewhere that the appropriate time to wear whites is starting on Memorial Day with the cutoff on Labour Day (with the exception of tropical climates). Is this a fair guideline to follow? Also, I've been meaning to purchase a new pair of khakis, and I saw a pair that I liked retailing at a decent price. Then I noticed the exact same pair, except that instead of being 100% cotton, they were 55% cotton and 45% linen. I do appreciate the feel and breathability of linen, but is paying 50% more for them worth it?
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Larry, Shoes? If that is what you're referring to you're correct; note that the preceding statement is, nostalgic and doddering. Like always there are a few exceptions to the rule--I.e.  Elder Charlstonian debutant society or Junior Leaguers this rule is pertinent and steadfast. Same as those ladies will not drink G&T contemporaneous with respect to when they aren't wearing white shoes.   But, I think that for most of us"”males that issue is not an issue. If it's 90 degrees F on May 17 linen (in any color) is not out of place"”anywhere. IMHO I feel the price issue is relevant to whether you'll get good use of them. I will however state that Stu is the man with the plan; winter time for him is about probably about 85 degrees F. Hope I helped, welcome aboard. Parsonsdb BXT linen shirts are awsome
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Oops...I neglected to mention what specific articles of clothing I was referring to. I was simply thinking all over, but more specific as to the pants and shirt combination. And yes, linen shirts are great. But pricey on my budget.
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Summer seasonal clothing (white, pastels, linen, etc.) is traditionally worn from Memorial Day until Labor Day. And can be extended slightly beyond those dates in tropical climates. It's interesting that those days are American holidays and there is nothing comparable or adamant in other cultures. Most other countries go by the summer season. I see the point of trying to dress for comfort on a hot March day, but there is something inappropriate with wearing linen out of season. The linen pants would be an elegant edition to your summer wardrobe. Be prepared for serious wrinkles, but most people recognize linen and know that it wrinkles. Andy
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Yeah Parsonsdb, nothing like Bally loafers and no socks on a casual Friday in January, or in the case of today, March.
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Any idea on what other nations' equivalent season is for white? Obviously they don't follow America's holidays, so what dates are used to mark the 'white' season in, say, Britain, or the Continent? Hell, I don't even know the traditional dates in my own country. (Victoria day?)
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I've always used and heard Easter as the cutoff rather than Memorial Day. Perhaps that's because I'm from South of the Mason-Dixon. But traditionally Easter church is the time to break out the spring and summery wear.
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I follow Easter Sunday as the marker. Of course, I -- like Alan -- live in the South. I'm glad I do, because I couldn't wait for Memorial Day to wear my white pants. If it feels and looks like Spring for a while, it should be safe to wear white garments.
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Here in Arizona sometimes even Easter is too long to wait. I say this based on the fact that the temperature has been in the high 80's, low 90's for the past two weeks and doesn't look to be dropping anytime soon. I say consider the old rules a guideline, but look at how people actually behave in your part of the world. Bradford
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In Kazakstan the "white" season is 1 June to 31 August, which corresponds exactly to the official summer season. This is the time to break out the white short-sleeve shirt and tan slacks. It's also the time to sport the engineer's look of short-sleeve shirt with tie, although I abstain.
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It's also the time to sport the engineer's look of short-sleeve shirt with tie, although I abstain.
Good for you.
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