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Want some?
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Wow, the buyer should be ashamed. The seller cut you an amazing deal, just because you're a student, and you still spit in his face over a minor delay. I've bought a few things here, and none of them were shipped out as quickly as yours. You ought to apologize and learn some patience.

What's this "you wouldn't understand, it was $100 of my hard-earned money" business? You sold a gift card somebody gave you for $100. Then you dismiss legitimate criticisms of your behavior as "jumping on the bandwagon." It's like a cherry on top.
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I don't like cherries
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Maybe I'm missing something, but I though the seller's PMs were completely courteous, polite and informative.

As I see it, the issue/lesson here is this:


A lot can be lost or misinterpreted through the typed word.
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The condescention starts here:
Originally Posted by FStyles View Post
Make sense?
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@ FStyles: You are an ASSHOLE! I'm not jumping on any bandwagon, people around here don't tend to unless it's Hugo Boss hate, I'm just calling it as I see it. Please leave this website and never ever come back. We don't need people like you here. You contribute nothing but trouble. The seller cut you a damn good deal on those shirts and shipped out in a reasonable amount of time. For fucks sake, the seller could have told you he shipped out the item late PM on the same day and you wouldn't have even known (because it wouldn't ship until the next day AM) but he was honest with you. What you fail to realize is that 99% of the sellers here don't do so professionally, they have real lives that can get in the way. As a college student with no responsibility, you are in no position to lecture anyone here. Congratulations on killing your credibility before you even earned any. No one will ever sell or take you seriously here again. You've burned every bridge on this site! PS: FS and Bt the same person? So LAME! Banhammer Time.
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add me to the list of sellers who won't deal with you under any circumstances. done ~50 or so deals with the kind folks on here, and since I work ~60-70 a week it usually takes me 2-3 days to get stuff to the PO, but I've never once had to deal with anyone remotely like this yet, thank God.
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Originally Posted by holymadness View Post
Shift your attitude, and everything else falls in line.

but at the same time the Seller did not do what he said he was going to do. This whole thread is kind of appalling on so many levels...the Seller who breaks his word and outs the Buyer publicly, the paranoid Buyer making (pretty much) unreasonable demands, and worst of all IMHO is the mob mentality of this public lynching.

FWIW I've done probably 100+ B&S transactions and can't say that I've ever had a single problem with a Buyer complaining or a Seller delivering. It's all been good.
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I sold something worth $1200 to someone and it took two weeks for him to receive it. Still, he was very kind and happy about the sale.
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The one area in which I will agree with the buyer is that the motivations behind the sale (he's a college student, he's cheap, he's using the saved funds to feed starving children in Africa) are absolutely irrelevant; once they arrived at an agreed upon price, that part of the story is over.

Otherwise, though, I'm having difficulty finding much fault with the seller. He's not Neiman Marcus; he's a guy selling things in his spare time, like most of us here. Does that mean he has no duty to take care of the people giving him money for his stuff? Of course not, he has a certain duty of care to the seller. However, that duty is certainly much less than that of a brick and mortar store. He shouldn't wait a week to mail the goods, because that would be unreasonable (as determined by the standard of commerce we have all become accustomed to on this site). A day or two, though? That's simply not beyond the pale.

And as for demanding a tracking number, I'm not sure what fantasy-land the buyer is living in that he has gotten a tracking number in every online transaction he's ever participated, but personally, unless it was an agreed upon part of the transaction, I've received a tracking number less than 10% of the time.

Bottom-line, I don't think the buyer has really done himself any favors in this transaction.
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I honestly think both parties are over-reacting a bit here. The seller could have PM'ed the buyer and just let him know that the item will be shipped the next day. And of course the buyer could have been a tad more but patient.
I have bought a ton of stuff from this forum and I would say about half the sellers email or PM me letting me know when the item will/is shipped. And as a buyer, i understand that most sellers here have their lives to lead so if I havent received an item in a week or so, I will shoot them a PM and very POLITELY ask if the item has been shipped. There's been times when it took almost a month to receive an item but it's a very small inconvinience when you take into account the fact that sellers here are selling items at 70%+ off retail.

Also I have to commend the seller in responding to the emails/pms from the buyer while he was travelling all day. I know if I was travelling, the last thing on my mind would be responding to a whiny buyer.
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Buyer should save the money he plans to use on clothes and spend it on self-help books, seminars, therapists, etc...

Add me to the list that wouldn't sell to you even if you paid 50% more.
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Rules For Buying:
1. Pay for item.
2. Wait for item to arrive.

Rules For Selling:
1. Receive payment.
2. Ship item.
3. Email buyer to inform that item has shipped.

This is all I expect from an ebay or SF transaction. Anything above and beyond is nice but not expected. This is not Nordstrom.
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i think everything that's been said has been said. just wanted to reach out to jtoddaz to say that there are ways to send out packages without you ever having to stand in line or even visit the post office (print shipping labels through paypal or usps online, arrange for pickups, etc.). just trying to be helpful - no sarcasm intended.
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