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Originally Posted by holymadness View Post
I have no interest in dealing with such a person either. I hope I find out his username at some point (PM me) so that I know not to buy from or sell to him in the future.
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This buyer is an incredible douche bag. Unbelievable.

To the buyer (if you're reading this): if you're at the post office mailing something you sold and promised to ship that day but the line was 2 hours deep would you waste your day standing in line or go back the next morning (before that typical mid-afternoon USPS line)? No way, and i'm sure the buyer wouldn't hold it against you. Here is how the conversation should have gone:

Seller: "Sorry, I wasn't able to mail the shirt out today. I'll do it first thing tommorow morning."
Buyer: "No problem, thanks for the update. Also, I appreciate you hooking me up with such a nice discount."

Please post his screen name on the buyers/sellers thread. I think I speak for most people who sell stuff in B&S when I say I would never deal w/ this guy. Sure, he paid promptly but was such a dick. Give me a break w/ the 400+ ebay transactions w/ tracking #, shipped exactly within the shipping time parameters.
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Originally Posted by breakfasteatre View Post

FStyles FStyles is online now
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Oh geez.

Fear the powers that be.
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Originally Posted by jtoddaz View Post
I agree this is what is ultimately important here. I was looking more for affirmation in my actions, rather than the inappropriateness of the buyer in this situation.

But now the boats in the water, and I don't know how to sail.

Oh yeah I wasn't pointing that out to you. It was to the other posters who bring their e-pitchforks and e-torches to every situation brought up like this.

I knew what your intent was.
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guys , guys, I'm postin a long reply, not hiding. Gimme a sec.
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hang on, at least try to hear me out.
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I'm probably going to have to catch the rest in the morning, but just so the jury has the correct facts, I just reread a PM, and it stated he could not afford more because of student loans, not actually being a college student.

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that's bull shi*t. I currently am in pharmacy school, have $60,000 in loans with another $25,000 coming next year plus $40,000 from my wedding in credit cards. Saving $40 isn't that big of a deal to me on a shirt. Not a reason to act like that So, How bout that UCONN game
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Wow what a major a**hole
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Ahh, everyone loves the drama. Man, you guys are a mob. lol.

Ya know, I'm actually really surprised at the responses. Biased? perhaps a tad. I know I'm the newbie asshole who expected too much...but each and every one of you guys remember an experience where the seller seems a bit too riteous and you thought wow, is it this tuff to buy something from someone?

I think everyone just sees and buys into the part about him not shipping it the first day. That was the LEAST of my concerns/unhappiness. THings happen, I totally get it. The part I was pissed about was his attitude when I simply asked him to follow up. I never even gave a crap when he didn't sen it out the first day.

Additionally, I don't know why I get crap for being the "Lame college kid." None of you remember starting out? C'mon, that has nothing to do with anything. I have a buget. I work hard for a living, and just ogt my first REAL job. I can't afford a lot of nice things.

None of you guys ask to cut a deal? Please don't all forget where you came from. I made an offer after no one was biting on his shirts. He said he NEEDED to unload these. I made an offer and stuck to it. Unreasonable? I stayed nice and positive thru the entire transaction to the point where I felt I was being mistreated.

If payment is sent pretty quickly, I can box them up, and send them on their way.

Just confirm that paypal address is current. Also, for the reduced price, the shipping container will probably not fit the foot duvets, which I was going to stuff in.

Originally Posted by FStyles
Gotcha. Yeah, let me know what you wanna do. I can paypal immediately.

Originally Posted by jtoddaz
Just right over in Phoenix.
Originally Posted by FStyles
I know this sounds funny, but I just got rid of a Nordy's gift card worth $120 for $100. Thus, I've got exactly $100 to spare. I share finances with my accountant err, fiance, and I had promised that I wouldn't spend a penny more. Please forgive my frugality.

Where are you located?

Originally Posted by jtoddaz
Can you do $110? That way that will cover the shipping, and I'll cover the paypal fees, etc..

If so, I'll ship them out today!


Originally Posted by FStyles
Hey man,

Where are you located?

The zegna shirts are tempting, but I don't have a huge need (or budget) as I just got a couple. IF you are dying to ship them out today, and can get down to $100 for both, I'd be forced to paypal immediately. I'm ready

Sorry for the offer, Its just what I can afford at this time. (got student loans!) Hope you understand.

I'm in CA btw.

Let me know. thanks man.


Later that afternoon as I was getting ready for work:

"Did you get to ship it out today?"

"Nope. I went to the PO, but I had my daughter with me,
and the line was very long. It will go out first thing
in the morning. Good thing is it should only take a
couple days to get to you."

"K. If you can get it on their 1st priority load tomorrow, I still may be able to receive b4 weekend.

I'd appreciate it
- Show quoted text -"

"I don't really know much about priority loads, but I
will drop it off at the main station in the AM.
- Show quoted text -"

"> Lol. I really don't either. My point is that if you
> drop it off early enough I may be able to get it by
> this weekend. Make sense?
> ------Original Message------


At this point I thought he was being alittle condescending. Maybe it was just me. Maybe I'm too sensitive. I was not pissed at ALL about him not being abvle to ship it the same day. I didn't want to seem pushy. I took a step back and felt I needed to clarify my intentions:

"Jeremy-Apologies if I'm waaay off, but I get a sense of unnecessary sarcasm. I know I'm a newbie on the board and def not trying to create any drama..

I paid for the items immediately with the intention/understanding that it would get shipped right away so I can get them in a timely fashion. I know you had things come up. I get it. I didn't give you any guff foir it. Don't think I was out of line to ask you to follow thru.

But and pls correct me if I'm wrong, it seems like your not happy with the transaction for 1 reason or another and giving me a hard time for inquiring about an agreed upon matter.

"No drama, let me know if I'm missing some SF etiquette.
------Original Message------"

"No worries at all. I tried to get it out immediately,
it just didn't happen.

I'm the same way when I buy something. I want it like
ASAP. The only feeling I get is that you are excited
to get the shirts, and I totally get it. Hopefully you
have them by the weekend!
-\tShow quoted text -

"Cool man. Just wanted to clear the air. My apologies if I came off too pushy. You re exactly right- I'm excited to get the shirts.

Anyway, glad we're cool. Thanks for taking the time to clarify.
Have a good night. Peace in the middle east.
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile"

THE NEXT DAY (Newest first

I certainly understand your excitement, but again, I
am travelling and in the middle of my work day, so I
promise you're not being ignored, I'm just busy. Wife
was with the kids all day, and with a dead phone.

Just spoke with her, and she thought she had a
tracking number, but it is just a receipt number. It
went out Priority, but the only thing they offer is a
Del. Confirmation number, which she did not get.

I am positive, (well fairly) that you will receive it
on Friday. Please let me know when you get them and
what you think.



> Tracking Number?
> On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 12:06 PM, > < wrote:
> > Nice, I know you're traveling, but if you can give
> me a tracking number it
> > would be great.
> >
> > Have a safe trip.
> >
> > Thanks man.
> >
> > On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 12:03 PM, wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> I had to hop on a plane this morning, so the wife
> took it to the PO this
> >> morning. It was sent priority, so there is no
> reason you shouldn't have them
> >> by Fri.
> >> > C'mon, gimme some good news =)

Again, I'm not tripping that he didn't send it out the first day. Shit happens, I get it. But I always keep my buyers informed and make sure that they're comfortable. Its when I feel like I'm treated improperly is when I get upset.

How am I out of line to expect just a little teeny teeny tiny bit of etiquette when dealing with an online transaction?

All I asked for was a bit of communication and a little empathy when dealing with complete strangers. I just wanted to get a damn tracking number I was ultra nice from the first greeting up until he blew me off and started to get condescending.

I'm not that big of an asshole. I'm sad that my first impression on this forum (which I really started to dig) has turned out like this. \\
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buyer still comes across as a major jerk after his reply.
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I know that was long. net net, I wasn't mad that he didn't send it out the first day. I was upset at his attitude and lack of followup. I believe in clean purchases. You pay, I ship. You receive, we're happy. If something happens, I let you know, I follow through. No worries.
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Both sides' PMs can be changed to alter the story. People enjoy good drama as lives are boring on here buying sh*t all day. I am a student too so... A little tip. Pay for it. Ask for the tracking number or the seller saying he shipped it. After that, leave it alone for a week. Clothes a few days late never hurt anyone, unless they have an empty closet. Don't bug the seller if he shipped it. go play a round of golf or something to get your mind off of it... it will be on the porch when you return. People have lives and I have had many times to get irritated but take it in stride, part of the experience of not paying for markup at Saks. Just my 2c
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