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The thing to do is learn from this experience and treat people with respect when you are buying/selling from them over the internet. If you want your item today and want to throw a fit about it to somebody then go into an actual store and pay full price for the item.
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my $.02 as someone who has made multiple purchases that all went great.

The seller screwed up. He simply shoudl've said he would ship it the next day not the same day, apologize and tell him he would send a PM when it had shipped. Reading the PM exchange, the reasons for his doing so are kind of a put off. No one needs to know why you couldn't send the item the same day(unless the buyer flips out and demands to know why). The whole bit about the tracking number didn't require throwing his wife into the mix, a simple "Sorry, mate, no tracking number" would suffice (until/unless the buyer flips out and demands why).

Buyer's screw up - Being new to the board, his initial screw ups are understandable. He doesn't know these folks on this board (another reason for his not understanding why no one understands his outrage) so when someone does not provide immediate or quick feedback and doesn't stick to an agreement ("pay now and I'll send today/immediately") his alarm bells went off. Especially considering he spent $100 that I take he doesn't come by often. Then finally, after this thread was created he should've simpy stated his point of view, apologize for coming off as douchey and drop it. By page 6 of this thread, he has ruined any future credibility.

My overall take on the buy sell forum here: With all the purchases I've made here, ranging from $12 for socks to ~$200 for shoes, I have never received a tracking number nor asked for one (chorse, or another seller to me who would remember please correct me if I'm wrong). I do however receive the ocassional PM or email saying when the item has shipped (the few times I request a note when this happened usually doesn't get responded to). I have, though, learned to totally trust the sellers on this website (however, I gravitate toward those with high thread counts or people I've purchased from before), so I never become alarmed or feel offended when I don't get instant or much feedback (shit, I rarely tell sellers when I received the item). But for a new person, especially spending a lot of money, just about everything I posted here can be alarming.

Anyway, Fstyles, my suggestion is to walk away from this discussion (I'm typing this as I've read through the first 6 pages, so forgive me if you've done so already), apologize for your "excitedness" and try to take the higher road. And also, listen to the feedback here saying that most sellers will not give you instant/highly detailed feedback. However, you will get your item quite quickly (sometimes with quick turn around, others a couple of days later. Never more than a week). If this bothers you, then do not make future purchases on the site. However, I think you can learn to accept it.

For the seller, I suggest you apologize for your flippancy. Shake hands, kiss and /thread.

By the way, a lot of the other posters here are way out of line.
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you should really man up, swallow your pride, and admit to yourself and others that you have flaws, like the buyer and every other human being (except for me). This thread is not to run you out on the rails, and I'm sure most of the sellers would change their minds about blacklisting you if you would just recognize that, although the seller did not completely follow through on his word, you overreacted. Like Jodum5 said, you guys should kiss and make up.
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This pretty much sums it all up:

Originally Posted by FStyles View Post
"K. If you can get it on their 1st priority load tomorrow, I still may be able to receive b4 weekend.

I'd appreciate it
- Show quoted text -"

"I don't really know much about priority loads, but I
will drop it off at the main station in the AM.
- Show quoted text -"

"> Lol. I really don't either. My point is that if you
> drop it off early enough I may be able to get it by
> this weekend. Make sense?
> ------Original Message------


At this point I thought he was being alittle condescending. Maybe it was just me. Maybe I'm too sensitive. I was not pissed at ALL about him not being abvle to ship it the same day. I didn't want to seem pushy. I took a step back and felt I needed to clarify my intentions:

"Jeremy-Apologies if I'm waaay off, but I get a sense of unnecessary sarcasm. I know I'm a newbie on the board and def not trying to create any drama..

I paid for the items immediately with the intention/understanding that it would get shipped right away so I can get them in a timely fashion. I know you had things come up. I get it. I didn't give you any guff foir it. Don't think I was out of line to ask you to follow thru.

But and pls correct me if I'm wrong, it seems like your not happy with the transaction for 1 reason or another and giving me a hard time for inquiring about an agreed upon matter.

"No drama, let me know if I'm missing some SF etiquette.

He says he doesn't know when priority mail is shipped out from the post office but says he'll ship it in the morning, then you respond by asking him if he understands the concept of shipping it in the morning, he responds to a "yes/no" question with "yep" and then you turn into a complete drama queen with a FAR too long response psychoanalyzing the fact he doesn't know when the post office ships out priority mail and the word "Yep"

I was skeptical when I read the OP's message and thought maybe he did/said something to bring it upon himself, but damn dude...based on your posted conversation with him and subsequent posts in this thread (e.g. "ban as you wish" when no one mentioned a thing about banning), you are a complete drama queen

the only thing you stood any sort of ground on was him not shipping it out when he said he would and you claim you're not even upset about's funny that the real reason you're upset is that the seller didn't take the bait for your embarrassing melodramatic response to his simple answers. your real gripe has nothing to do with the transaction, just some artificial drama you created to make your internet life more interesting
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Originally Posted by Jodum5 View Post
Reading the PM exchange, the reasons for his doing so are kind of a put off. No one needs to know why you couldn't send the item the same day(unless the buyer flips out and demands to know why). The whole bit about the tracking number didn't require throwing his wife into the mix, a simple "Sorry, mate, no tracking number" would suffice (until/unless the buyer flips out and demands why).

Your post was comprehensive and well said. I respectfully differ as to the quoted part above. As a frequent buyer in this - a hobbiest's forum, I actually do appreciate some explanation if there is a delay/issue. Rather than finding it a put off, i find it humanizes the buyer and puts the delay/problem into a broader context. That said, inasmuch as the seller is not a pro, I would be inclined to cut a fair amount f slack in any event so long as the item was neither unreasonably delayed and so long as some communication occurred.
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Originally Posted by FStyles View Post
Oh yeah,my offer still stands on some rock ass Zegna shirts.

I haven't seen them yet, but I'm sure they smell like the sellers house, and according to SF, even his SHIT don't stink.

This was an enjoyable experience. I hope each and every one of you NEVER have a bad buying experience. experience.

I need to get back to my pathetic 24 year old life. Ahh, the trials and tribulations of youthdom.

Man, that's some class!
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For the seller: should have been more upfront and apologetic about the delays. After reading the emails, I didn't feel like you were. For the buyer: this board is run significantly different than ebay. The more you get used to that, the easier everything will be. Fortunately, I've always bought from pretty solid buyers and sometimes, I never received the goods (miscommunication which resulted in money back) and sometimes, I didn't get the goods for a week+. I have very rarely gotten a tracking number for the goods and I've made about 20-30 purchases on this board.
Originally Posted by EL72 View Post
Seriously, if you are so uptight about transacting with people you've never met on a message board, you need to stop buying stuff on SF and stick to big corps and B&M stores. I'm really trying to empathize with your issues and don't like to see well-intentioned noobs driven away from SF for early mistakes but if you can't handle the lack of immediate response, follow-up, shipping, service...from a seller and be more trusting, just find another place to buy stuff.
+100 Is FStyles really trying to turn around and sell the shirts?
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Ok, I've said all that I needed to say. I'll try to be sincere, so please take it that way. I'm sorry styleforum. Please, look past this situation and lets move on. I'm not that big of a dick. I was upset yes. Could I have acted differently, apparantly so. Will I chill out next time based on the responses from this thread? Very possible, and I will try. jtoddaz: Business is business. Nothing personal. You and I both are nothing to each other but a text box. I'm sure you're a good guy in real life. I'd like to think I'm the same in my little world as well. You have a lot of people backing you, and i understand. Shows the knit of this forum. Nothing short of a kiton suit, and its beautiful. Lets get on with our lives, I'll stop whining and bitching, and instead, smoke a joint next time I buy something and and want to trip about it. No hard feelings. Nice to meet everyone, obviously, a few bridges have been burned, and I'll miss out on some really cool stuf from some really cool people. That sucks. Lesson learned, Entertainment created for many, lets move on. Hopefully, I can still redeem my rep outside of B&S and in teh reg forum.
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Originally Posted by jtoddaz View Post
Man, that's some class!

jtoddaz: I overreacted. I need to be more trusting. Please accept my apology. Nothing personal. Like I said, I'm sure you're a stand up dude in real life. I just didn't know that from my One week on this board.

My facetious replies were only to lighten up the thread alittle. Its hard to read post after post about how much you suck, and how bad of a person you are.

In the end, I got what I "deserved" so lets move past this. I still think this place is awesome, and i'll learn to create a more positive environment.
post #116 of 145 You thought this thread was bad... Perspective
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I think Marc's original post is extremely well thought out and put together. I agree with all the points he brought up. I have personally purchased an Item from the seller in question here: jtoddaz. I asked many questions before purchasing, to which he was extremely helpful in answering. I then paid the agreed amount which was extremely reasonable. He said he would ship shortly, and 4 days later I had my new suit and let him know that I received it and it was exactly as described and even better than I had hoped for. If possible I would gladly do business with jtoddaz again. I think the key in my experience is there were no unreasonable requests or expectations. This is supposed to be a place to give others in the community access to goods they cannot find elsewhere, or items at rock bottom prices. It's a privelege to use the B&S and people like the buyer really degrades the sense of community and the functionality of the board when he verbally attacked the seller through PMs. Yeah you're young at 24 but stop acting like a 6 year old. **EDIT** Just read FS's follow ups. Overreactions happen. I think we all learned a lesson today...oh wait...
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^ Takes guts to apologize like in public. I hope you enjoy your stay here, there is plenty to learn (including this episode! )
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No worries. Apology accepted. I hope you get and enjoy the shirts today. Let's move on, and everyone have a nice weekend.

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This is why the airing of grievances can only be for the good. It's a Festivus miracle!
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