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Unreasonable buyer?

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Looking for some feedback here. I sold a couple of shirts, tried to mail them out the same day, but had to mail them out the NEXT morning. They went out Priority Mail, but a Del Confirmation was not ordered. Nor had this been arranged. I know these are normally not posted, but I have to tell you, my feelings are a little hurt.

Keep in mind, it shipped next day. Please tell me if I'm out of line. This is the email I just received..

I have done many a transaction via ebay, forums, etc. and not ONCE have I not been given a tacking number for a parcel. I just want something I paid for in a timely fashion. I really don't care to hear about your daughter, your travels, your wife's shipping experiences, a dead cell phone, yadda yadda. Just give me a damn tracking number and you'll never hear from me again.

This has been a very cumbersome transaction, on both ends I know. ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED if you shipped it when you said you were, and given me a frickin tracking number. I would ask the same from a friend, let alone a stranger on a forum who gives me a bunch of excuses.

The package has been "shipped" to my work. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow, or it arrives after I leave work, how the hell can I track it!?!? Enough witht the excuses. Get me a tracking number receipt number, or whatever the hell ya got and we'll call it a day. You'll never hear from me again.

I have had a few great transactions on the forum, but I hope I wasn't out of line here.

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He's just venting.

If you don't have a tracking number, you can't give him one. The package will arrive. He'll forget about it.

Sometimes the best approach to customer service is to do nothing.
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Well I just gave him the transaction number. Tried to keep the reply objective. I was just floored by the personal attacks, and the mention of my family.

I'm sorry for giving too much info as to why it took my 30 minutes to reply to his email!
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Some people need to chill. A tracking number won't get it there faster. Life won't end if the tie gets out a day later..
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Was this on eBay or here?
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And remember, it went out the morning after payment. I could always hope for that from a seller, but I would never expect it. Imagine paying on Tuesday, and being pissed that it got to you on Friday.
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jerk (the buyer that is).
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i still don't understand the buyer is that upset.
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unless we are not hearing the whole story that buyer is a total butthole.
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Well thats what I was trying to understand. If I did something inherantly wrong here. I can't think of anything. So if he chimes in, and you all tell me I'm a douchebag for something, please, I would deserve it.

What kind of pisses me off as well, was that I was asking $140 for the shirts, and he said he was a college student getting into the game, and could only afford $100. I said what the heck, so not only was it not quick enough for him, but evidently the deep discount wasn't enough to account for allowing me 18 hours to ship an item.
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Post his user-name, or PM it to me. This sounds exactly like the kind of buyer I'd like to avoid in any selling environment. Why can't people just be calm about stupid things like this? Damn...... I just recently included tracking on packages, not because of buyer request, but to cover my ass as I've been scammed a couple time now with buyers claiming to have never received anything. Before, minus the scammers, I've never had an issue with sending something without a tracking number. Some people just need something to bitch about and will take the first opportunity they get to do so.
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We all know what needs to happen here... out him!
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Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong if tracking and your shipping time was not specifically arranged. Furthermore, the harsh comments from the buyer were not warranted. I think one issue you might want to consider however, is that having some form of basic tracking often is safer (for you as the seller in terms of the paypal transaction and well..i guess more reassuring to the buyer). Nevertheless, this shouldn't matter to the buyer anyway unless he/she specifically requests tracking.
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wow, thats crazy. Whenever I sell shit I dont send it out til saturdays and let the people know upfront. I have NEVER had anyone say anything about it, most people are super accomodating. And I never buy tracking or confirmation or anything like that, so I dont know if that is rule or whatever. The post office actually has something like a 99.99% delivery rate. You only hear about the 1 postcard that took 26 years to deliver, not the billions or trillions of mail pieces that are delivered Monthly.

Like someone above mentioned, sometimes the best approach is to do nothing. Let it rest for 2 days without replying. By that point, he will ahve gotten his package.
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