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Opinions on these boots?

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I was thinking of these boots for wearing with jeans (straight leg or bootcuts) and also maybe with a bit more dressed up look. One colour is kinda black/charcol the other colour is brownish, but not a solid brown..has some darker colour blended or something. After clicking the link, click the boot at the bottom right of the shown shoes on the Snipe page. Boot 1 What about this one? Click the boot in the middle of the first column. The brown one. Boot 2 Thanks.
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Ummmm, the one in the first link I could not see with jeans. The second link I'm not sure. The one in the middle on the left MIGHT work, but I couldn't pull it off. The one in the middle on the left? No way, a guy should never wear a pair of boots with a zipper going up the side of the boot. Why not just get some plain boots? If yo're going to spend 100's of dollars, why not get some luxury (ostrich, gator, whatever) boots? The "luxury" boots would look ridiculous with a pair of faded jeans on, but with a pair of nice, dress jeans would look good. But, what do I know? I'm the guy that was gonna wear a black shirt with white jacket to my prom.
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Thanks for the input. What I'm picturing is this: semi-faded/washed bootcut Guess jeans with button down long sleeve shirt (untucked) and a pair of ankle boots (probably brown, not pointy toe, not super expensive). Any pics or links to something that might fit the bill for the boot would be great. Also hope to wear it with non-faded jeans and maybe nicer pants/dressier. I already have the jeans, shirt, etc. Thanks.
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First pair is plausible with jean, best with the distressed leather treatment. Style is somewhere between handsome and odd. Second pair is very military looking, incl. side zipper. But really Kenneth Cole is like the BR of boots; there's some good stuff in the line but if this is the standard then board members can raise you higher.....LA Guy?
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I think the one in the first link is pretty cool. The others are not so special, and the zipper is a bit jarring.
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Sorry to say but those boots/shoes are hideous. They don't look dressy at all. How about spending some decent money and buying these: Regards, Ron.
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Just to clarify, the boot I mentioned in the second link was NOT the black long zipper one but the brown one in the other column. Marc37 I disagree that the Snipe boot is hideous. It looks quite good in person actually. Thanks for posting a pic, but it has a pointy toe which I don't want and not really into the stitch pattern. It's all subjective this stuff :-) I guess I'm leaning more to a casual boot then could be used for a bit dressier, but not full on dress boot. Here's another option...thoughts? : Boot 3 Again, thanks for any ideas guys.
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Get a pair of Costume National boots off Yoox.  They are usually reasonably priced, and generally made of decent leather, with interesting treatments.  Recent collections have used a lot of washed, distressed, and waxed leathers, which are perfect with jeans.  At discount, they don't cost much more thant Kenneth Cole ones.  Use the discount code on for 10% off. Please disregard marc37's advice. His tastes in footwear (either traditional or "fashion") often leave something to be desired.
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Boot 2, 25238, is the least unattractive of the ones you have posted.
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Get some Dr. Martens. Also, check this one out. Second row, first boot on the left. Diesel boot
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Get a pair of Costume National boots off Yoox.
Just as I have been longing to do. My only fear is issues of correspondence between EU and US sizes (41? 42? Help.). How are they sized? I have one old pair of CN boots sized 7.5, English sizing I assume because I am a US 8.5. What are experiences with returns to Yoox?
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First ones should be good on field goals out to 45 yds or so. Don't think the second ones would be good beyond 30 yards.
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