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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post
Was checking out the BB Spring 2011 preview on GQ and was pleasantly surprised with the shoes that were showcased. Including the following:






Love number 3. I don't see too many shoes in that color and its a freakiing longwing!

Number 4 looks interesting. Black calf/scotchgrain? I spoke with a BB call center rep and she told me that the black cordovan longwing will not be reordered by BB. I bought the shoe during the holiday sale when it was $50 off plus 15 percent. Unfortunately its 1/2 size too big and my size is out of stock.

Yeah, its an old thread but I didn't want to start a new one.

Judging by the labels, the shoes look like they're BF and Peal & Co.
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Originally Posted by Nogginn View Post
A bunch of wingtips?

Get some good slip ons. Even George Washington was wearing a Gucci type bespoke shoe with a silver buckle on it.
These lace up shoes are a leftover from the late Victorian uptight era.

Wingtips? Yes. 1) Wingtips are awesome because they can be dressed up or down. 2) Slip-ons are too casual for suits. 3) Most of the guys I see wearing slip-ons are over 50.
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I feel pretty confident saying all but #5 are aldens. I haven't handled these personally, but am pretty sure I saw this somewhere, and they could certainly pass as them.
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