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I'm a 10D US, and depending on the last and maker, I'm usually either a 43.5 (most Vass lasts) or a 44 (Vass U-lasts, the one Borgioli last that I've tried).
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Depends on the width of the shoe and of your foot - for most Italian shoes, Rider's list is the one to go by. I wish more makers would acknowledge that - a 45 is NOT a 12 in most makes, drives me nuts... The marked sizes on most brands work only for people with ideally shaped, and probably narrow(ish) feet. For more standard widths/last shapes, shift the list up 1/2 size.
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In my humble opinion...

Quality counts, whatever our age, profession or bank balance.

Men who know there stuff would look at them and not take you seriously. On the other hand a pair of Crockett & Jones Hangrades (E.G. Weymouth in antique brown and then Aintree in Black alternated) will be a stand out choice noticed by the discerning and quietly admired by those with no idea.
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in summary, you can tell a man by his shoes...
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Originally Posted by marc37 View Post
l love those style of shoes. l have afew Pradas that look like those. The problem is that they are only average quality (not bad though). l say; wear them with your suits to the bank. There is nothing wrong with those.

to be honest, I've quite new to shoes but i find them very plain and boring. If you're buying Prada or Gucci, its 95% goes to buying the label and 5% goes to quality and craftsmanship
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