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i agree with jn3 as well... i'm in my late 20's. i pretty much have two sets of shoes - those from before 3 years ago (Kenneth Cole and BR and other junk) and those from the period since (AE, C&J polo's, Grenson). Even with jeans, the traditional stuff looks and feels better. (I like an AE split toe monk - either brown or black - with half-commando sole for going out at night). the first group have been turned into bad weather shoes. And with a suit? Not even close. You really look more professional with true dress shoe.
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Prada shoes are always surprisingly bland. I wouldn't get any of those. I don't find them too fashion forward or chic for a bank. I think they're pretty appropriate for a bank and will match well with the suits you have mentioned. They just seem pretty standard and offensive. If I saw a bank teller wearing any of those, I would barely think twice. I certainly wouldn't think he wasn't conservative enough or too much of a dandy. I suppose it would be better to go with the more traditional shoes suggested by others here. Do you have to wear black shoes? I find them too shiny and boring. It's harder to distinguish quality with black shoes.
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I dunno about anyone else but with my banker I want to see a boring guy who wears Edmonds and drives a Volvo Wagon just under the speed limit...  I'd rather he be dull too... somehow a banker telling me about the hookers he met at the craps table in Vegas just doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. ...but that's me.
I agree. In addition, if my bank manager is 21 years old, I don't care what kind of shoes he's wearing. I'm finding a different bank. I'm not sure an "Operations Manager at a bank" is the same as a "Bank Manager" though. Either way, I'd opt for some AE over those Prada's.
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i'm just looking for some opinions on the following prada shoes: and a pair of gucci loafers:
l love those style of shoes. l have afew Pradas that look like those. The problem is that they are only average quality (not bad though). l say; wear them with your suits to the bank. There is nothing wrong with those.
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they are just plain horrible. and what's the deal with tapered pants ? Straight legs pants on a suit doesn't look professional. Even Helmut Lang and Jil Sander make tapered pants for their suits. A suit is all about balance and silhouette : narrow shoulders are popular nowadays, with a noticeable waist supression, wide leg openings just look stupid with that sort of coats. If you want to look crisp in a business suit and don't want to shell indecent amout of money, get a Paul Smith London line suit. They have crap construction, but very good and balanced "english" silhouette. There are plenty of other brands to consider for "fahsion" shoes : santoni, stefano bi for the most expensive, or premiata for a more affordable counterpart. Not these crappy corrected-grain prada shoes. .luc
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they are just plain horrible.
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I guess that these shoes are overpriced, but how much do they exactly cost?
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They are nice looking shoes, the problem is that they are grain corrected and hence made of inferior leather. Grain corrected shoes never age well; they look nice when new but look ugly as they age. l will never buy another pair because of this factor. The other problem is they are the color black, that makes for a really boring shoe. lf you can get them at discount and don't mind a medoicre shoe, BUY THEM. After all, there are alot worse shoes around.
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i think these shoes perfectly match your DKNY suits
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Is this sarcasm M@?
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Do you have to wear black shoes?  I find them too shiny and boring.  It's harder to distinguish quality with black shoes.
I'll second that one.
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Is this sarcasm M@?
steaming fistfuls of it
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given the lack of response, we may be facing another troll. luc
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No, I think maybe some harsh comments have driven the kid away. My advice, if he is still reading, is as follows: You seem to have decided what you like stylistically. The Prada shoes you selected fit the style, but we believe they are overpriced and poorly constructed. You are better off with the Gucci, but please do consider Ferragamo and also STRONGLY consider a brown shoe in addition (or even instead of) the black.
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no, no troll here.. i just finished reading everyone's posts, and i can't believe the number of responses i've received over the past day. thank you all for your input.. i understand and appreciate your comments. i will not be purchasing any of those prada or gucci shoes.. and i think i'll look into ferragamo's instead.
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