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Ebay sellers who don't know simple measurements...

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So here I am GIDDY at finding this auction for a) one of my favorite suitmakers, b) in my size, 48R, and c) a hell of a good looking suit for a great price. And then, like 90% of auctions I get excited for, I see the deal killer- the LENGTH of the suitcoat AIN'T EVEN CLOSE to a 48R. 34.5 inches is unquestionably L and maybe closer to XL IMO. There are PLENTY of sellers that even post on this forum who are guilty of pasting "xxR" on their auctions when the coat is without question an L. Am I the only one who thinks this is a really annoying trend? here
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Even when measured from the top of the collar? I'm nowhere near a 48, but that length doesn't sound too far off to me considering they're including the height of the collar. dan
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I'd love to sympathize, but I can't fault the seller when the label (which they show) indicates a 48R suit with a drop of 7. I'd say that if someone knows the brand and is willing to pay that price they may well be comfortable with that longer skirt length. An Italian regular is often either somewhat or a LOT longer than a US regular. Particularly a few years ago, when the more style-conscious look included a longer skirt.
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I'm going to propose that this is a combination of a slightly longer jacket + a clear mismeasuring. To my eye, that doesn't look like a 34.5" coat length (look at the button holes and the sleeve length in the picture).
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I'm going to propose that this is a combination of a slightly longer jacket + a clear mismeasuring. To my eye, that doesn't look like a 34.5" coat length (look at the button holes and the sleeve length in the picture). In fact, I'm going to make a bold statement: This is from Mitchell's of Westport, and Mitchell's would NEVER EVER EVER accept a mislabeled garment. If the tag states it is a 48R, it absolutely is a 48R. The seller likely did not measure correctly, or else made a mistake when typing the auction. I can tell you right now that this will fit you if you are a 48R.
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oh what have you done saying that LOL. The bank account may take another hit. You know your suits johnnynorman... I assume you are very confident then? I am 5'11" if it matters. I purchased a Zegna sportcoat from this seller recently that he listed in the auction as 33.5" length (top of collar down), and that was dead on, and what I would call the appropriate length for me (when standing relaxed, with my hands facing down, the bottom of the jacket just about lines up with my thumbs.) I guess I should simply email him and ask him to measure again, huh?
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Big~ Speaking from the perspective of someone who has measured THOUSANDs of garments (back when ebay was our main business), I can recommend that you look for the "Tag" size, but then focus more on the actual measurements.   I regularly see things sized 44R, for instance, which measure 34" in length, with 27" sleeve.  The auction title will typically say 44 44R 44L.  This isn't just an attempt to attract all living 44s to the auction (not that I would apologize for such. ), but rather to "cover" us.  You'd be amazed how many people will try to return things because "You listed this as a 'Long' when the tag clearly says 'Regular'". Read the actual measurements, make sure you understand them (is the length measured from the top or bottom of the collar, etc), then bid accordingly. Good luck.
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I'd email him, BigBadBuff. There are two days left in the auction, so you'll get an answer. Personally, I always email sellers before I buy. If the seller doesn't answer, then I won't buy the item (btw, I think this item will not sell at the $600 price, so if you want to wait for another markdown, it's likely one will occur). He sells a lot of high quality items. Maybe the jacket is simply cut long. But this suit is from Filene's Basement's Mitchell's stock, which means that this suit was on Mitchell's racks for at least six months. I have no doubt that if the suit had been tagged incorrectly, Mitchell's would not have left its 48R store tag on it.
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It is a completely no win situation for the seller. No matter how you measure or what you say there will be arguments if the buyer does not measure . Couple points: There are 48R's and 48r's... there is an assumption that one is the same as another. Different makers will vary by 2" in the shoulder and chest on the same 'size' Measured from the top of collar I've seen 'regulars' of 31.5-33" You will also get debate on where to measure from since there is no standard here.. the best you can do is to accurately define how YOU are doing it so that someone can repeat your process. There is absolutely no adhered to standard on the labels. Add to this the fact that you are talking about an altered garment. I've had instances where we sold a jacket with every ACTUAL tape measure measurement perfect and several clear sentences in the auction begging and pleading with the buyer to READ and CHECK those measurements because all sizes are approximate. I've tried it every conceivable way - do you list the tag size or what the tag size SHOULD say when the measurements don't line up with the tag? I've more or less decided that no matter what you do there will be those who are dead certain that there is an exact definition of 42R and they will not waste time checking measurements or consider that the item was altered etcetera, etcetera. FWIW - before bidding you should always verify those measurements and just like buying a jacket at a store you should expect to spend $12 getting the sleeves perfect. That's another common problem - sure you can list the sleeve measure and describe how you measure but if the buyer is comparing it to a jacket where the seam connecting shoulder to sleeve is set differently it will be off. My advice, take it for what it's worth: 1. Start with a jacket that fits you and a tape measure 2. Ignore tag sizes, there is no standardization and an Armani 42R will fit entirely differently than a 42R Oxxford or Kiton. 3. Know how the seller measured 4. Ask questions if you aren't sure 5. Even if the dimensions seem precisely the same as what you are getting there might be a slight variation in fit due to how the jacket is made. Expect to spend $10 at the dry cleaners to adjust sleeves accordingly. ...I swear I am not making this up :-)
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I call the size based on the measurements and my understanding of how a particular fits. Thus in some makes I might call a bottom-of-collar to bottom-of-coat measurement of 32" a reg, while I'd call a measurement of 31.5" a long in other makes... I know it sounds wrong, but it really does work out that way in real life sometimes. On this coat, the overall length is 34.5 which equates to a bottom-of-collar to bottom-of-coat measurement of 33". On a size 48, that is consistent with a reg. Keep in mind that in those sizes guys tend to have a stomach, and they need extra length in the jacket because of that.
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i know i have had, in my inventory, bigger sizes like 48 and 50R w/ a top of collar length of 35, which seems long, but that was what it was tagged and measured to
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This suit is a Euro 60R not a 58R as most of the other italian makers mark their 48US. I checked my closet for suits marked this specific size as I wear anything from a 58R to a 60L depending on the manufacturer, I found them all to measure between 32 1/2 and 33 1/4 from the bottom of the collar. The auction measurements seem o.k. to me. The price on the other hand is pretty steep, I would not pay over $400 for it.
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That's because the width varies depending on your inseam length - email the seller that measurement and he/she may be able to accomodate you.
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