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you've revived a really old thread, i'm sure there are newer ones. but off the top of my head, liberty, other shop, DSM, margiela and yohji all around oxford circus, while in east london hostem on redchurch st and spitalfields market on a thursday are worth a visit.
more esoteric places too, depends what you're into?
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Searched all the London threads in SW&D that I could find and this seemed best. Thanks for the recs. I'm REALLY interested in seeing some Yohji. There's a flagship store?

I like a lot of the brands we see here. Geller, Schneider, EG, Margaret Howell, lots of Japanese brands, DVN, MMM, etc. I come from a place where I don't get to see any of these brands in store, so I really just want to get a look at as many items as I can. Not into classic menswear much, just casual clothing.
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Some more stores I thought of: Vertice, Layers, Browns Fashion.

I want to try on some baller footwear while I'm there and hopefully Vertice and Layers will do the trick, but other suggestions are welcome.

One thing I want to do for sure is try some Rick Owens leathers. Would the RO store be the best choice for that?
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Yeah check out the RO store. As for Geller I don't know of any stores in London, or the UK for that matter, that stock it. Would love to be wrong on that though.
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Bummer. But I don't guess his fall collection will be in stores yet by mid-August anyway, but I could be wrong on that. I'm dying to see his FW14 stuff as it looks phenomenal on the runway. I'm afraid I'm going at the worst time of year as the spring collections will be completely picked over and the fall stuff about to arrive.
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damn wish I had more  money to blow off

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liberty has some AW rick already so you might get to see a decent amount there/ at the mayfair RO store by next month. hostem also stocks rick i believe, alongside BBS, yang li, guidi. definitely worth a trip to redchurch st.
@snowmanxl found a place on brick lane that sounded really good, can't remember exactly where?

harvey nichols also carries rick i think, as well as margiela etc. last time i was there they had a big section devoted to wooyoungmi which was really cool.
i'm not aware of anywhere that carries geller in london.
as mentioned, yohji flagship on conduit st is a must, and pretty much opposite you have issey miyake and then Y3.
if you want to see BBS/rick worn in the wild though you have to hang in out-of-the-way east london coffee shops
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Thanks for doing the early legwork k, I guess the new Cabourn store should be added to the list.
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Bumping an old thread here but any tips welcome for shops in London stocking any of the below (or similar)


EG, Nonnative, Nanamica, Needles, Ts(s), Orslow, Kapital

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I'm in London in November. Any recommended places to eat please? The wife wants to go to Dinner though I hate Heston Blumenthal. Any recommendations for curry, Brick Lane?
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I used to have a nice list I got off a food&drink PR girl there, but I gave it away to another friend heading to London. frown.gif

Brick Lane curry shops aren't anything to write home about, they're the kind of place you go to at 3am when you're hammered drunk. Tayyab's just a little ways off Brick Lane was pretty decent though.

If you're into burgers, hit up MEATmission in Hoxton. Maybe it was just because I was a bit drunk at the time but I thought their green chili burger was fucking divine. Then head over to Happiness Forgets for some really good cocktails.
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Dishoom is definitely worth a visit. I've only tried their breakfast a couple of times but I can't imagine their dinners being anything but tasty.

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