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Finally went into a little shop in covent garden called numumm which has reasonably priced engineered sweaters, jackets, t's and the odd shoe which look high end and could pass. Picked up a sweater with an oversized scarf with a zip for someone's xmas pressie. They only opened up 3 months ago but will be interesting to see how they pan out. If you are looking for something a bit street but different and not totally expensive then take a look.

Pretty much every shop will have its own sale - from now, lots from 26 Dec and through January its a matter of planning your attack, getting in place and running up escalators & having the plastic at hand. Maybe have a wingman/ladi.

The papers, timeout will have listings of when. Selfridges (i know) are on sale from 26 december with up to 75% off. I'm hoping a red blazer will still be there by Monday.
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Yeh, checked out some places today, going to go to Regent and Oxford tommorow, probably won't even bother going into the stores as i expect it will still be a shit storm. Topshop is fucking rediculous without sales i cannot imagine it on boxing day. I'll probably go to Liberty first on B-day as they have the best shit from what i remember. I chatted to the guys at Oliver Spencer and Folk today and they are both re-opening on the 27th with sales. Let me know if u need a wingman for Monday haha.
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Lamb's conduit will definitely be a port of call - I want a particular shirt and will see how much the discount is from 89. For sure, check out Present on Shoreditch high street, I'm not sure when their sales start.
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seconding fryer's delight. my preference is to do a take out at that joint. then they'll wrap your fish&chips wth some paper (alas not newspaper).
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Did a decent job blowing all my dosh in London.....picked up:

Trickers navy brogue from Present in Shoreditch. Cool shop, the shoes were the only thing I was into but a lot of gear there that would appeal to most guys on this forum. Shoes are same as the Junya collab version but apparently losing the Junya name also cuts the price by like 60%. Last pair left, my size. It was meant to be

Was gonna get these last year but passed, got em this time. New shitkickers from British Boot, the Solovair Southerner boot.

The Baracuta Pop-up store in Covent Garden was very good to me. Store is only there for another week or so but the sale was fantastic and amazingly had my size in the jackets I wanted:

Burgundy houndstooth G9

Navy PoW w/red overcheck G9

PoW lightweight wool G9

2 shirts from DNA Groove at Mendoza. My pasano Claudio does this label and his shirts are spot on. Fitted, high quality fabric and buttons. Only have photo of one, the other is same but in a grey and light burgundy stripe

Fred Perry "italian knit" bomber jacket/sweater

2 s/s OCBDs by Aertex from American Classics

Lee zed selvedge jeans from Son of Stag. They have 3 union special chainstitch machines instore now.

Paul Smith "British Collection" crombie coat from his Westbourne House shop in Nottinghill where they also do the bespoke service on the 3rd floor. Pretty much all I wore the rest of the week

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I love that ... well ..... all of it!

But especially the crombie and the Harringtons!
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post

wow. just amazing GS.
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Originally Posted by Pablo-T View Post

Also new this week, a damn good hat shop. The Laird of Glencairm, on Columbia Road.

fuck me.....turns out the shops on Columbia Rd are only open sat/sun and as we went on tuesday all the row was closed. too bad cuz Laird had some nice caps from what i could see and there were some other interesting looking shops along Columbia.
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Well done son! Your purchases are fab.

I've been in a state of chasing birds so have been laying low on purchases. Duly pick up where I left off when I hit paris in two weekends.

for others, check out Kokon to Zai
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Anyone care to comment how the shoe and boot selection looks at any of the Paul Smith stores or outlets? I'll be there in a week or so and looking to find Corsos or something like that.
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Offtopic but anyone who's in London right now and has time to kill should head to the Barbican and check the Japanese fashion retrospective that ends tomorrow.

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ps: check out bicester village - a direct train from marylebone station then a free shuttle. Picked up a nice pair of shoes last summer for 70gbp down from 300.

you're in luck if you hit london next w/end: (designer warehouse sales) is on thane villas which is holloway road and down a bit. A bit of PS but loads of other designers.

and of course his outlet shop just off bond street should have some good findings.
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I just went because of your post and am seriously speechless. Absolutely incredible exhibition. Thanks for posting!
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This thread brings back memories.
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I'm visiting London next month! Any updates to this list? Margaret Howell is definitely on my list. I guess I'll check out Selfridges and COS as well. Anything new?
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