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Leather and denim jacket

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Recently I saw a d&g leather and denim jacket on sale for 650 that was originally 1500. The jacket is like a basic denim jacket except random patches of it are leather. I was wondering if this would look cool or just over the top. I'm a college student so I would mostly only be wearing it when I went out.
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I like the jackets that are splashed with paint better.
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I'd say don't buy it. Who really cares that its reduced to 650 from 1500, your not wearing a price tag (however most people don't think this way). This seems like a highly stylized item that wouldn't be very versitile, so you may not want to even spend 650 on something like that. I'm in college also and this would definatly be fine to wear here at NYU, but if you go to a small rural school I'm not really sure if it would fly. Plus, you don't sound confident wearing it, so that's gonna show if you do buy it.
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There's a reason it's so heavily discounted - nobody else wants to be caught dead in it (just kidding.) In all seriousness, you should buy stuff because you like the look, not because it's on sale. If you don't think you can pull it off, don't buy it. You can get a plain denim jacket (distressed, distressed & painted, etc., a little more versatile) from this season's Dolce & Gabbana collection for half that.
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Its funny how D&G jacks up the price of a denim jacket by almost $1000 for a few leather patches.
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I must agree with the other gentlemen: regardless of whether the jacket is on sale or not,who's label is on it,and how fashionable it may look now,YOU are the only one who knows if you'll truly enjoy the jacket. My criterion for buying anything marginally impulsive is this: will I still be wearing it 6 mos. to a year from now (i.e.Am I getting swept up in a fad,or is this something more classic)? The more expensive the item,the more I need to see the piece as a future  staple in my wardrobe.
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