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EdT vs. Cologne vs. EdP?

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Hello all, For some time I've been annoyed by the fact that all my EdTs and my colognes wear off so quickly. I don't want to smell like those old ladies who use waaay too much No. 5, but I'd like it if people could smell at least a subtle hint of my fragrance when they are around me. That is not the case now - unless I reapply frequently, which is kinda hard since I don't cary a little LV bag or the like everywhere I go. I talked with some of my girlfriends and they said I should try to get my hands on some Eau de Parfum, which should be a lot stronger than cologne. And so I did - and failed miserably. I was told Eu de Parfum is hard to find, especially for men. The only advice they could give me was to try calling some boutiques in Paris which might have some. The thing is I don't really feel like calling Parisian boutiques right now. So the question for you guys is: Do any of you know where to get EdP for men online? Price doesn't really matter. Thanks in advance, Logo [EDIT: Apparently I can't change the subject-line. Annoying, since I realized it's pretty stupid. ]
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A more concentrated form, like EdP, won't always make the scent last longer on you. It may depend on the type of fragrance and its notes. For instance, citrusy top notes always fade quickly, whereas base notes like vanilla or sandalwood last a long, long time.
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Some Comme des Garcon fragrances are EdP. No 2 (original) is, and is a great scent, although it is difficult to be around for the first 15-30 minutes you're wearing it.
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