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Red Ear jeans

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I noticed Red Ear jeans last time I was at American Rag, then at Traffic at Beverly Hills. There are some interesting details, but the denim is on the thin side, and the seam inside the leg didn't look particularly nice, especially for it's price range ($300+). Anyone know anything about this brand? Made in China? I hope my peeps are representing.
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They are Paul Smith's line. A decent, basic jean, sort of like Seven, but certainly not worth $300. You are much better off spending less on an American line that will be cheaper and of better quality, anything from Paper Denim to Da'mage to Earnest Sewn. If you want a more obscure (in the States) line, go with Nudie or Corpus or 5EP, the latter if you feel like you need to burn some money. You may conversely buy something like Nudie or Corpus for under $200, and paypal me the $100 saved. PM me if you decide that this is a good idea.
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I've got a pair of the Japanese Red ear, rather than the western ones, and they're a beautiful selvedge denim, though the rise is rather high. The non-selvedge Red Ear stuff they do is nothing special in my opinion...cost me £180 a few years ago.
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Just to let you know I am a denim freek. I have traveledto Japan to see denim and have been to many a denim factory. I have a few pair of big E's that I love and have every decdade of Levis fits. My girlfiend even left me because of my unhealthy enthatuation with selvage. I could not make love to her any more unless she was wearing a denim mini.

Anyway here I go::::In reply to the messages I saw posted about Red Ear Denim: I believe some of you do not understand what this denim is about...

1. Red Ear is one of the best denim's in the world.

A. Why: It is made in Okayama in the same factory as 45rpm. This is a 1920's loom and an 1890's loom. IE wooden shuttle looms...

B. Real indigo dye is used.

C. The Union Special is used to do stitching ( for those of you in the know, you will understand how great this mechine is). For those of you that don't: it is the best machine for stiching because it gives seems real character.

D. They are using real copper buttons. Not even the USA penny used 100% copper because it is too expensive

E. They have there own color selvage: I beleive it has 4 - 5 colors in it. This takes time because the spindle making the selvage has to go around so many times.

Anyway, I bought a pair of selvaged Red Ear and they are dope and better than 99% of denim sold in the USA.
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Denim Guru,
Im quite interested in your story. can you show us some of your collection and specially the red ear jeans you have with the selvage if possible.
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OK, I have included pictures of the two pair of Red Ear Jeans I have. The pair that says Made in Japan, I bought at Douglas Fir in LA about 6 months ago. They did not seem to have many of them there or much denim in at all. The other pair I bought at a store called A.B fits in San Fran. Funny because I was visiting a friend of mine in Chinatown and just noticed this cool store on a strange desrted street with cool clothing and denim.

Oh shit, I just saw a store called Blue in Green in Soho on Greene Street in NYC. The best denim store in the USA. Go check it out!!!!

The selvage the Red Ear people do is great!!!

The pictures are not clear. Sorry about that. I am not the best photo person. These jean pictures were taken on my Kitchen table this morning. Notice the food crumbs on the table.
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Originally Posted by Denim Guru
D. They are using real copper buttons. Not even the USA penny used 100% copper because it is too expensive

This is actually a pretty amusing comment.
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Thanks, I thought so too.
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denimguru is right.

paul smith went to great lengths to create a jean that would please both paul smith fans and denim enthusiasts.

take the name for instance, "red ear" this is the english translation of "akamimi" in japanese, which is the term for selvage (levi's has the two red lines on the double selvage seam, you know the the deal).

the multi-colored selvage on the paul smith jeans are a reference to the famous multi-color paul smith stripes.

there are nice features that would delight the denim fan. tri-color stitching, they also mix different features from many classic jean styles.

also, there are two types of paul smith jeans. both use japanese okayama denim, the regular line is made in china. i've seen these and they are nice.
the premium line is assembled in japan. i have not seen these, but they should also be very nice.

i know many people on here are not into distressed or designer denim, but these are pretty nice.
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I think you are the denim guru actually!!! You know your stuff!!

I actually do not consider these designer denim because of where they are made and the process behind it. I see it as Paul Smith being the 1st designer to come out with a real authentic denim label that is better than all usa denim and many Japanese only denim's that are sold only in Japan.

Oh, remember those Evisu denims that have gone ghetto now. These are actually made in China. I do not think these are near the quality of Red Ear.
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hey denim guru, welcome to styleforum.

i'm definitely not a denim guru, just someone who loves denim. you will find many people on here that REALLY know their stuff. i have learned a lot from them.

i think the paul smith red ears definitely could be considered designer even though they are made the same way as the repro brands. the look and fit is much more fashion-forward. if you are wearing them, people who know will know what you are wearing (especially with those distinctive long back pockets).

btw, made in china doesn't mean bad quality anymore. that being said, the reason why jeans made in japan are special is because they do things that no chinese factory will do, like hand-sewn keyhole buttons, etc.
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I saw the Red Ear made in china jeans, and did not like them one bit. $360 for a pair of jeans manufactured in china? I could pay $250 and get a pair manufactured in Japan.
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I agree, their is some great denim coming out of China.

But I still disagree with you on the designer denim thing. I see desinger denim being jeans like, Prada denim or D & G denim. I consider designer denim as a poor excuse to be labled as a jean. I just see it kind of gressy...This Red Ear is not like these in terms of fits or detail. It is made in real looms with real indigo with real( original fits etc...) Its identiy, I believe is really cool.

I would never buy a designer denim brand. I am a 501 guy. I have rockabily attributes and listen to hardcore music to fall asleep. Let me tell you that I would buy some more Red Ear.
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Please tell me what jeans you are reffering to when you say you would rather have a $250.00 pair of Made in Japan Jeans.?????????

I have not seen any of these in the United States>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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so how do red ear compare to sugarcane? 45rpm?
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