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Bespoke for HK: President Textiles Co

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Hi all, its my first post here. I'm a fresh grad. getting quite fashion conscious- and learning a lot by reading past threads.

I had a good experience here, I don't think they're advertised and seem very old school..

President Textiles Co
Level 17 Fu Wai Centre
140 De Voeux Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Phone +852 25420020

They have contracted a Shanghainese tailor- he looks about 65 years old and had 30+ yrs experience in the tailoring business. I asked, and he reportedly does all chalking, cutting and tailoring himself.
Tailoring charges are $1,600 for 1 suit (more for more expensive textiles and vice versa)

They're quite nice, speak cantonese- never tried english. I'm not a hotshot banker and i'm pleased by their friendly attitude wheras others shops would just snub me.

They sell exclusively british textiles including savile row: scabal, h&S, dormuil, wain shiel, broadgraves, fox ..etc etc. they dont' have any of those higher super counts as its 'not durable'.

i had 2 suits done. one brown WS suit, and another very nice holland and sherry cashmere and mink(hope more cashmere and less mink ^^). both were $3000 for a suit length (textile + tailoring)- this shop mainly profits from selling the cloth.

You have to be careful and be exact in your specifications else they'd give you something different. My first jacket fit very well, and the second wasn't as good, had to alter it. Shirts are horrendous.. i might try jantzen. Nothing wrong with construction, but prob. i had poor choice of fabric. I am extremely pleased with President's textile and construction of my two suits, but note that this is my first exp. with bespoke- used to go off the rack.

Anyone else had feedback here?
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What was it about the fit of the second jacket that you didn't like?
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$3K USD or HKD? Pix plz!
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They used to have a shop on Des Voeux Rd Central, just near by Hang Seng Bank HQ. They closed the shop last year.
Very old fashion tailor. Most of their fabrics are old stock.
yfyf, should be HKD.
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wow thats cheap
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A non fancy old stock fabrics fused suit is at that price in most tailor shops in HK.
That is normal price.
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This thread is in dire need of pictorial evidence
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blue navy pinstripe: SUPER 120s cashmere and mink worsted (holland and sherry)
brown suit: super 120s worsted (wain shiell)

I didn't like cut of blue suit cuz i'm a slightly slimmer build, waist wasn't as 'hourglass' shaped as i wanted the british style suit to be (2 buttons, 2 vents, lightly padded, etc). Its getting fixed.

Alls fair and well when they give me the patch (see picture) saying its a H&S or WS suit, but how do you know its actually that brand? From the writing on the edge of the fabrics, not many of htem have the brand name on it.- my concern because i still CANNOT tell which fabric is quality and which is crap- hence reliance on brand names assuming they have a minimum standard of quality.

Yes HKD$3000/ USD400.

They moved to a new address, didn't close up shop entirely.
Level 17, 140 De Voeux Rd.

anyone else got a suit done here? looking for some other feedback.
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and yes i have googled...

but any of you guys can give me a description of terylene? is it good to have this polyester blend in suits- apparently making it more durable or always go pure wool?
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I think most of the H&S has brand name on selvedge. Check your pants pockets, most chinese cutters left the selvedge at the edge of the pockets.
Anyway, President is an old textiles company in HK, I don't think they will sell fake fabrics.
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