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Silk Pocket Squares

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I bought one a couple days ago -- a Robert Talbott -- for about $50. Though it's beautiful, it seems like there must be cheaper alternatives. Also, I don't see anything decent on Ebay, surprisingly. Where do you get them? Are high-quality ones ever at Filene's, at NM Last Call, or on EBay? By the way, I'm not really a pocket square user, but this one was a cobalt blue with a touch of dark green and brick red in a subtle paisley that I could basically just leave in the pocket of a blue blazer - - it's a color that will go with nearly any shirt color. It looks so good and is nicely elegant yet very subtle that I think I may have changed my mind about pocket squares.
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In no particular order, and certainly not a definitive list: Ben Silver Alan Flusser Nieman Marcus Hermes Turnbull & Asser Dunhill Once in a while you'll find something on eBay.
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very often on ebay -- turnbull or ede.
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Some gems turn up on ebay at infrequent times, so keep a regular look out. I have got T&A there, new for about $15
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How about Cashmere pocket squares? Anybody now how to make silk and cashmere pcoket squares and where to source the fabric? I'm trying to get my tailor to make cashmere pocket squares, but the fabric may be too thick. We'll see. Damon
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I got a bunch of T&A pocket squares from an ebay seller in England last year. They were something like $10-15 I think. I can't remember the seller's ID but I'm sure I read it as a recommendation from someone here before.
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Unlike neckties, I don't see discount bargains in silken pocket squares often. There is a Saks Off-Fifth outlet a vigorous walk from my office, and they never seem to have anything. I bought a nice bargain pocket square at Gary's Rack in Tustin in December, but they haven't had anything on my subsequent visits. Solid-color silken pocket squares can be had quite cheaply. Macy's sells 'em for $10, Men's Wearhouse for $6.99. Perhaps a more discerning eye than mine can tell the difference in stitching and fabric quality between the Macy's/MW offerings and Talbott's solid colors at $30 or whatever, but I can't.
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Solid-color silken pocket squares can be had quite cheaply.
Solid color? Shudder.
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I wasn't aware that solid color pocket squares were supposed to be heinous. Are they? Even the white ones?
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i strongly suggest you look for SMALL pocket silks-- and solids are fine, as long as you don't wear a shirt-tie-silk in the same colors. I try to pick up a tone in my shirt or tie in the silk square. most manufacturers make silks in a giant size-- making them bulky for your breast pocket when folded/ stuffed. the only ones i've seen that seem to be just right are brioni and bizzochi, but they are of this perfect smaller size only in certain stores. i have a great charvet and turnbull silks, but they are just too large to fold/ puff/ stuff in my breast pocket without creating an unsightly bulge.
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I wasn't aware that solid color pocket squares were supposed to be heinous. Are they? Even the white ones?
Just my opinion on solid color SILK ones, For cotton, solid white is fine, although I prefer some contrast to the plain white, ala a decorative border or hem stitch, even if still in white, it breaks up the solid. For silk, IMHO, plain one color silk with no pattern to it has been lowered to the least common deminator. They look very ordinary and uninspired to my eye. I do like plain one color silk ties and shirts though. Again, just my opinion. But look at all the options available with pocket squares other than plain one color solids...............................
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I prefer 17"-18" squares because the silk otherwise falls down in my pocket and I have to adjust it constantly. Solids are fine, in my opinion, especially when you've got other patterns going on in your shirt, necktie and jacket.
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I don't see any problem with solid pocket squares. What's the difference between a solid square and a solid tie or a solid shirt? Each can be used to good effect in an overall ensemble, pieces complementing toward a whole. Obviously, patterned pocket squares just like patterned ties or shirts can provide visual interest, but patterened everything can lead to problems. And I have to say, I think a white linen pocket square is pretty much always correct. I will add that cuffthis's use of pocket squares is always instructive. Like everyone else, I greatly enjoy his daily pictures; they teach me a lot.
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Unlike neckties, I don't see discount bargains in silken pocket squares often.
They're not as easy to find on sale as ties, but discounts can be found.  Since I started wearing squares this year, I've picked up about a dozen for an average price of $12 or so.  Among my purchases was a Turnbull & Asser from eBay, a couple of colored linens from the online Ben Silver outlet, and my best acquisition, three silk RLPL's from Syms at $10 each.
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I wear a pocket square all the time, and IMHO solids are great because a) I wear a lot of pattern on pattern combinations and b) they're easy to get cheaply as basics, as is not at all the case with most patterns (I love Hermes patterns when I can get them on sale, but no way in hell I'm spending more than ~$30 for a handkerchief). Of course the converse to this is that I dislike solid ties (except a basic black for certain occasions).
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