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New C&J, size 12 on EBay for $41

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This is the third time they have done this.... Actually, this is the third time I've seen them do this, where they put up a pair of C&Js for $41.05. They've probably done it plenty more times, as I only keep an eye on sizes 12 and 13. I've bought two pairs of Polo by Crockett & Jones from them using BIN with a price of $41.05.... Here are a pair in size 12 Medium -- too small for me. They aren't seconds. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....c=photo
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There is also a size 7 out there, been on auction for 8 1/2 days, yet price is only at $26. Why do you figure? Is there something wrong with these shoes?
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Nothing wrong that I can tell, although it looks as though they have the slightest bit of wear on the heel, as if these were store returns or were tried on a few times in a shoe store. An incredible bargain either way. GVH allows returns too, so ....
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and they are also shell cordovan, no?
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Yup. Coulda bought em and flipped 'em for a pretty penny.
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I know. I had just bought a pair of them (for $41) in size 13; I thought about getting them in 12 for my brother or father, but thought maybe one of you guys could use them instead. (Hoping they won't just end up on EBay of course) Cordovan huh? I guess they do look like cordovan. I don't know if these are teasers by GVH or mistakes, but given that this is the third time I've gotten the C&J for Polo at the non-round price of $41.05, I am starting to think they are teasers or are slightly imperfect (having a tiny bit of wear on the soles for example).
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Those are shell cordovan? So I wonder for what price the following will go: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....IT&rd=1
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Geez, $57 for those. Obviously the seller isn't selling them well -- not describing them as cordovan C&Js. As described, they don't sound much better than a pair of Bass Weejuns.
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My pair of these arrived today from Grapevinehill, along with GVH's very nice shoe trees.  They are indeed cordovan leather - - a gorgeous color.  They have a longish vamp (definitely not short and dainty), which I like, and the stitching around the vamp is more elegant than in a typical loafer (rather than being separate pieces of leather joined together, it is one piece with decorative stitching.  The fit is extremely good too. They seem more like 3-season shoes as, along with the thick cordovan leather, they have double soles - - thicker than is typical for this style of shoe I think.  The only things I can see that would give any reason for being priced at $41 are a few scuffs, one of which is more noticeable than the others and might be reason for someone to complain had he paid $550 for them.  None of the scuffs is of concern to me though.  They will merely add to the patina if they don't entirely buff out. Edit: I must add though, after wearing them for most of this afternoon, I find that when I just took them off and put back on my Vass "Old English" lace-ups, my feet were put back in la-la land. These Vass are just so amazingly comfortable (even though this is only the 3rd or 4th time I've worn them).
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What goes around comes around. I'd bet these are the size 12s I didn't bid on: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....SS:US:1
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