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Tuxedo questions

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Okay, I have been thinking about getting a tuxedo because I have 20 suits but not a single good tuxedo. But, what's stopping me is that I really don't know what the proper occasion is to wear a tuxedo- besides weddings. I do like the look of a 1 button tuxedo jacket with jeans and a white dress shirt- and maybe a skinny tie ( I just like skinny ties). I'm not sure about any other things that can be done with it though. I am currently looking at this tux on ebay ( ), because I like the colors (I like the Navy accents)and the cut. How do you think this would work with the look described above? I am not sure about the lapels because I generally like thin lapels. Does it seem authentic and if it is, is Fendi any good(I don't currently own any Fendi stuff)? If not, any other suggestions?
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Fendi is not my favorite designer but I would have to say they do produce fairly high-quality clothing. That suit, in my own opinion (which is solely my own so do not take it personally), would not look very good with jeans or even casual slacks, for that matter. I personally would go with a high-format two button or a three-button guided notch style tuxedo with the look you described. As to the suits legitimacy: it seems to be, though, there is something odd about the inside pocket label. But as I cannot determine why it seems strange, I am sure it is just my own imagination. Anyway, all I can give as advice is to go with what you feel comfortable in, even if a few of us may not necessarily be fond of that particular look.
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Fendi is a very high quality company most famous for fur, and leather articles such as their famed baguettes. I rather like the ensemble, and the lining is quite flamboyant. Yo be quite frank I do not think it will work with jeans, and whatnot. As to authenticity I do think that it is real as I have never seen fake Fendi suits, and such, and the stiching, and all that seem quite top notch.
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