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(bengal-stripe @ May 06 2005,11:16) What about these ones?
Interesting claim: You're guaranteed to impress your colleagues, friends and family with these classy collar-stiffeners. I can just hear it now: "Wow Bob are those gold Asprey collar stays in your shirt?"
LOL. Jon.
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Are you supposed to take plastic collar stays out when you wash your shirts?
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Are you supposed to take plastic collar stays out when you wash your shirts?
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Well, as long as they're still in good shape afterwards, I wouldn't worry about it - just don't do it again. But definitely take them out before you iron the shirt collar.
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I always use brass collar stays. I didn't realize that they cause the shirt collars to wear out faster though. I use JOS A BANK brass collar stays, as they were only $5 for a set of 12, with three different sizes, might I add, at the outlet. I also have a pair of CT collar stays, which are wider than the JOS A Bank pair.
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Originally Posted by Nonk
Mine have not set off any alarms etc, and I believe I read somewhere that these machines do not detect precious metals.

"...plane hijacked by the Man with the Golden Gun..."

EDIT: In all seriousness, I'll use plastic until I can be bothered getting MofP, simply for the little bit of give. I dont want my collars sitting ramrod-straight. In fact, I often go stay-less (sometimes to pin my collar) with a tie. I'll generally always wear them with an open collar so it sits up under my jacket.

What do people think of shirts with stays sewn in to the collars? I know you get it on cheap Van Heusen-esque polyester monstrosities, but I've also got it on two of my most expensive Italian shirts. Both have some kind of interlining and one seems to be semi-fused.

The stays are about half the length and width of usual ones, just to give the point a bit of sharpness, and the whole collar has a sort of curve and recurve which looks stunning. You can sort of see it in this picture:


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I've worn a pair of MOP collar stays purchased from Thomas Pink for years without any trouble at all. They're the only collar stays I've ever used.

Originally Posted by globetrotter
anybody know how silver stays effect airport metal detectors?

If my sterling cufflinks didn't set them off, neither will sterling collar stays.
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Heh. A completely golden gun would make a useless weapon. Gold-plated is more accurate, but it doesn't sound as cool. I've been using brass stays from Dillard's for some time. I insert them with care and haven't had any problems. I'll have to think about using plastic ones for airports though.
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