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2(X)ist jeans?

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Anyone checked out jeans from 2(X)ist? Any good as a basic? Worth $50-60?
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I have a few 2(x)ist jeans (probably half a dozen pairs) and I am very happy with them. They underwent some transformations in the fit and design and the more recent models are pretty good (the early button-fly versions were hideous with some really odd measurements). They are not fussy and good as basics, though I wouldn't pay more than $50 for them even new. They can be easily found discounted at several online stores and currently has a clearance sale on several models, they have been reduced from $120-$150 to $20 per pair. They are all low-rise, with a very comfortable seat, the fabric seems to be good quality, on me at least they look good and I get compliments. The pair of "Road" 2xist jeans I am wearing right now are my all time fave for casual wear - supersoft, relaxed without being baggy and all around comfortable. The recent models come with a little note inside the pocket with the signature of the person who hand-washed and finished them, which I find rather amusing. Mine are all made in Canada. P.S. another added bonus - I have never met another person wearing 2xist jeans, they aren't that common.
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You gotta be damn skinny to buy a pair on Amazon right now - waist sizes go to 33 on one pair and 31 on all the others. Good price if the sizes will fit you.
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Amazon had many more sizes just last week, but I guess the word is spreading. The thing is, they are eligible for free shipping and if you sign up for an amazon credit card during checkout you get $30 off your first purchase. Essentially you can get two pairs of jeans with a total MSRP of around $270 for $10 instead - still in sealed bags, with tags and no sales tax. You can't get such bargains even at Walmart. has a bigger variety of sizes, their prices are in the neighbourhood of $40-$45 USD.
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