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Im looking to buy my first blazer, it should be pretty casual - a solid black/gray is not what I'm looking for.(Wearing it with mostly tees+jeans+suede boots bc)

Budget is 80-100€ (~150$), any brands I should look into?


Also I havent been able to find a fitting shirt in ages, I have kinda big shoulders and chest but short arms and relativly short upperbody - so most shirts are to tight on top but way to loose and long on the bottom - any advice?



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Wolverine 1000 Mile Addison boots in tan


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I will make this post as short as possible.


Graduated from uni - getting first job -  £1200 budget for a new business wardrobe -  living in the UK.


I already own Loake Chesters but I think they are not entirely appropriate for business wear? Won't be a business casual job. I have gathered I will be buying 2 suits and 2 pairs of shoes. I have been thinking of purchasing the following: 







As it can be seen above the suits I'm considering are from Suit Supply. If anyone can recommend a better brand for the money please do so but bear in mind I live in the UK. For shoes I've been looking at Merrmin classic line as they seem to be fantastic value for money.


one black (oxford)

one dark brown (double monk)


Again if anyone can recommend me something better then please do so. With the remainder of the budget I will be buying some shirts and ties (will be looking on here for a bundle of ties - recommend YOURS if you think they will work for me). Should I look at online tailors for shirts?


Thoughts? Am I doing this business wardrobe start up right? Be as critical as you like, it can only help. 



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Any body know what this cardigan is?

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Can anybody recommend me a discrete leather wallet, that can hold around 5 cards or so?

I have been eyeballing the Saddleback alternatives, but fear that the leather may be too thick and inconvenient.

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Card holder
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This thread gets no love.
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Any fleece-lined waterproof/resistant pants that look good? Canadian winter coming up :(

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Dockers makes a really legit wallet, and trust me i dont listen to punk or metal.

i was cruising the Bay in vancouver looking for a good wallet, i was getting really frusturated by all the old man wallets, and the gimmicky fossil fold out super ID wallets. nothing was practical that fit 6 cards and looked sharp. then i found the dockers wallet.

ill try to find some pics, i had one for a year and it looked great with a bit of wear. simple design, $25. perfect

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I use a wallet insert from Fossil- the leather part, not the plastic ones.  It holds a few cards, ID, etc and I stash in a 20 or 50 in case of emergencies.  It fits in my front pocket if I need it to and is almost invisible.


Looks like this:

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I'm just getting into the world of raw denim, and it's a bit overwhelming. I was hoping you all could assist me in my search for some well-fitting denim. 

My first purchase was a pair of APC New Standards, 30". They fit wonderfully, and will stretch out a bit over time. I'm looking for some heavier denim to augment my wardrobe, but I don't know which fits would be best. I'm looking for anything similar to the NS fit. 

Thus far I've looked into the Naked and Famous Weirdguy, the Iron Heart 666S, and Nudie Grim Tim's. I like being able to cuff my jeans at the base, as well as the stacking fades that occur with longer inseams. 

If you all could list (heavier) denim with a similar fit/style to the New Standards, I'd greatly appreciate it. 



Here are the APC New Standard measurements. I wear a 30" waist.  

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Any fleece-lined waterproof/resistant pants that look good? Canadian winter coming up :(


Fellow Canadian here feeling your pain. I suggest looking at more technical brands like Arcteryx or Isaora for "waterproof" (I find that is a very misleading term... Nothing, even Gor-tex is totally waterproof short of wearing rubber everything). Though I think you're better off finding a pair of water resistant pants and then maybe wearing tights underneath because I don't think there are many fleece-lined water resistant pants. It would kind of defeat the purpose as the fleece would soak up moisture plus usually these kind of pants are shells with expectations that you wear something underneath. 


EDIT: Is this what you're kind of looking for?

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I'm looking to expand my 'mature' shoe collection. I got started in the hypebeast/nike sb scene, and now I'm transitioning into a more mature look. Currently my 'mature' shoe collection consists of a pair of quoddy boat mocs and brown suede desert boots. I was thinking about Quoddy's grizzly boots as a winter solution, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to drop that much cash on a shoe that looks so similar to the only quality shoe I already have. Since I already have beater winter boots, I could skip the winter boot and look in a different direction. I really like the look of Alden shell, but I can only see the chukka and maybe the plain toe boots fitting my aesthetic. I really want the chukka in cigar and the plain toe boots in color 8, but I'm not sure if now is the best time for those since I have no use for a formal or even business casual shoe.
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Ok, I am slowly building my wardrobe And I was wondering If I can get some pointers. Currently I own black pants, run of the mill blue jeans, white vans. And some casual beater shirts.


I just bought a parka from uniqlo but I dont know what will go well with.  Any ideas? Black pants with beige parka?


Also what color pants can I buy that will work with beige? 

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