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Originally Posted by hasush01 View Post

I recenty bought my first blazer a navy blue j crew ludlow fit one and wanted to know what color blazer I should get next. I think I want a tan/khaki one for pretty cheap ($200 or less) if possible but some people have told me gray is better? I'm new to this so I'd love some ideas thanks

I picked up a pretty nice looking light grey blazer from Zara for ~$85 a few weeks ago. I'm not sure how that brand is looked at, but I've enjoyed the few things I've bought from there. I chose the grey because I thought it would be a more versatile color than the navy blue they had. 

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thanks I'll def look at zara when I have the time

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Originally Posted by charlos View Post

So I have a trip to Vegas coming up next weekend with some friends as a little reward after tax season. My planned "going out" get up was a pair of slim/skinny jeans, slim fit long-sleeve button-up (I'm partial to Varvatos, especially since Nordstrom Rack around here has them for $30), and a blazer. The problem is that I can't find any shoes that look "good" with slimmer fitting jeans. And honestly, I have no idea what kinds of shoes do go with slimmer jeans. I was thinking of a mid-rise boot with the bottom of the jean over it, but I can't find any in my price range. What about loafers? 


I should include that I'm 6' and a pretty slim 160 pounds. My budget is $150. I'd prefer black over brown. 


I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks in advance!



Ankle boots are a good choice.




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I'm at a point where I buy slowly and of quality, but I also know I'll never be at the point where I only buy nice things--just a few items here and there. Where do chinos rank on the versatility/durability spectrum? My perception of that spectrum goes something like this:

Shoes/Leather Goods





Shoes and outerwear I'm good with at the moment, and I'm not going to replace my shrink-to-fits until I have to. Where do Chinos fall? Can a nicer pair genuinely be considered an investment, the way good shoes and coats pay for themselves over time? I'm also in the market for a wallet and a backpack, but if I learn here I'm wrong about chinos I'll go for the pants instead.
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I am trying to work towards purchasing less clothing but clothing that is higher quality. I have a list that I am compiling. I purchased a pair of Alden indy boots x J. crew. My first foray into raw denim with a pair of UB 301s has been enjoyable so I am looking to invest in some true high quality denim. Also, I am starting dental school last year so I need a practical, big, strong backpack. Also, twice a week I will be in scrubs so I am looking for some versatile layering options like a w+h hoodie. Also, I have signed up for everlane so I am hoping they can be the source for my basic blank tees.
What other options/items am I missing in order to begin building a high quality wardrobe.

Barbour Quilted Hevleyn/Linnesdale Jacket
Roy Denim
w+h hoodie
topo designs day pack
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You could also try a (low-top?) wholecut in a plain toe.  They give off a boot-vibe without being an actual boot.  Just got a pair and I like them with my APCs.

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looking for some "out of the box" (i.e. not formalwear, but also not too SZ-territory) black trousers. max 150. is it possible!?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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What's that second pair? What site are the pics from?
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I'm looking for some inexpensive chinos in about 33/36 or 34/36 size.  A lot of more brands don't seem to have inseams long enough.  Would you kind folks be of assistance?

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Slim tapered wool (or linen... or anything interesting really) trousers. ~$100 or less

Uniqlo perhaps? UU? Yoox? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

What's that second pair? What site are the pics from?

LNCC, i think they're both issey miyake
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anyone have good recommendations for brands that make solid 'tall' sizes?


i get my dress shirts MTM, but if i'm not wearing a button down to the office (casual friday and whatnot), i have to wear at least a long sleeve polo or sweater due to tattoos, and sleeves are always an issue. for reference, my sleeve length on my MTM shirts is 37.5 (im 6'3", 225).

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Looking for something cheap that's similar to these ll. bean mocs. Sold out or I'd just get these.

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Can anyone recommend decent quality mostly white sneakers similar to these (lanvin, dior homme) that aren't $500+?  Also preferably no gaudy logo and not adidas/nike.  Thanks



Dior Homme Suede-Trim Sneakers

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Was going to say Blanc & Noir, but their site appears to be down at the moment.
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