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To the moderator of the forum, I value my right to express my opinion without fear of reprisal. I have to opine that I am not pleased that you have succumbed to threat of various merchants that use this forum and banned Grayson. While I don't always agree with his opinions, and the whole FBI thing is beyond me ( although I wouldn't be keen on an upset merchant calling my office when my identity is purportadly and intentionally unknown )I generally think he added some insight that members might find usefull. I feel that if a merchant puts himself out on various fora he does so with the knowledge that his work is open to both praise and criticism.As always I would hope that this is done in a civil way. From what I read Grayson was not out of line in the most recent spat.FWIW.
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Let's bet on how long it takes j and Steve to get their IP guns out and shoot the guy.
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Snore. Did I not say I wanted no more G*****n related topics? NO MORE.
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