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Opinions on these Borrelli trousers...

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Link I love Borrelli's shirts and sportcoats but I have no experience with their trousers. Anyone own any or tried them on and have opinions? 2 things for sure- I can't have them run small in that size, and I don't care for pants that taper a lot, ala Incotex. Love the color and I'm sure they look and feel amazing.
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Um, they look nice... However, if you are as big and buff as your posting name suggests, I don't know that Borrelli trousers would be the best fit for you. More often than not, they are very tapered... But it's all a question of what look you are going for.... (um, that didn't really help, did it? sorry...   )
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Personally, I don't prefer the cut of the Borrelli pants. Mine run pretty slim in the legs and seat. Even though I'm tall and slender, I don't think they are very flattering. Or maybe I just like roomier pants. Quality wise, they're great to look at. True to Borrelli style: lots of ostentatious pick-stitching.
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thanks fellas, glad I asked.
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Just to add my 2 cents, in my experience, they fit very differently from Borrelli shirts and blazers -- very fitted. The width of the slacks at the bottom hem is just about the narrowest I've ever seen in dress slacks. Also, the seat and the thighs don't fit me at all in my size -- they are definitely not cut for the "relaxed fit" American. The fit is too funky and fitted for my office (regardless of how wonderfully beautiful the fabric is), and I don't need another pair of "Saturday night" slacks. (By the way, I own several pairs of Incotex, and they are cut nothing like Borrelli that I can tell -- Borrelli is much more fitted.)
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actually, i just rec'd a pair of borrelli trousers myself this very day. holy handwork-- these are truly the italian equivilant of oxxford trousers-- mine are grey lightweight wool, and have a button fly. every single (and i mean EVERY) buttonhole on them is handstitched, really superb details. you're lucky, finding some with flat fronts-- mine are pleated, but will look great with a sportcoat i think.
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2 more cents: In general I agree with what's been said - Borrelli trousers tend to be very tapered/fitted. But there are a few exceptions, they have looser models that you will see sometimes. About the handwork - as Foxx said, some of the trousers are spectacular. But there is a range of quality, like Incotex - some models have little or no handwork. Most Borrelli trousers on ebay are NWT and price is a good indicator - the pairs with the higher retail values likely have more hand detailing.
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To add a further penny to my response, I wanted to note that the comment that they are like Italian-made Oxxford slacks is pretty close to the mark. The fabrics are absolutely the best there is, and the amount of hand-work is amazing. Plus, the inside of the slacks (similar to Incotex and to a lesser degree Oxxford) is a work of sartorial art as well. In my experience, if you're looking for another pair of slacks that are cut in the Corbin/Brooks/J.Press, etc. "straight-leg" manner, you will be surprised (but maybe not disappointed). By the way, Borrelli shorts are amazing -- I've got four pairs. They are cut longer than typical "dress" shorts, more like traditional Bermuda shorts. Yes, they are cut the same as the slacks, but I don't like big billowy shorts anyway.
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