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Microfiber pants

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Curious about microfiber. I'm not considering getting any but we've had a lot of customers at our store asking for them lately (ballin's microfiber pants) and i don't know anything about them. What are pro/cons of them and are they any good? Plus i've seen a fair share of the on STP.
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I had a pair of microfiber trousers a while back (don't remember the brand), but they held a lot of static electricity in the drier months and with my 2 cats--well you can imagine... I stick to natural fibers now.
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Basically, they're polyster05 in that they're improved version and much better. The word 'micro' means small, and its used in this context because the fibers are smaller in diameter than conventional fabrics. My dress pants are microfiber. They don't wrinkle. However, I do have a problem with static with these pants.
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They feel and wear like poplin pants but without the wrinkles.
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I have a few pairs from Claiborne that I really like - very soft and comfortable fabric, although the static issue has forced me to carry a small can of Static Guard in the glove box of my car.
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Two things will prevent me from ever owning another pair: 1. Static. 2. Pilling.
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The microfibre pants I've seen have had an unnatural sheen; they're almost reflective or slightly color-shifting. This is all well and fine when that's the desired effect, but quite a different thing if they're attempting to fill in for cotton or worsted wool. I just don't see the benefit when compared to cotton or wool.
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Do they breathe like natural fibers? Is the static electricity thing due to the dryer (i.e. does the problem remain if you don't use a dryer)? Mathieu
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