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New Last: C&J and Cheany

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Two weeks ago I mentioned I saw a new C&J and Cheany on a more chiselled last... It turns out that the C&J (non handgrade) is on a new last made specially for the Paris store... maybe Dimitri Gomenz's work. Crockett: Cheany: The Cheany looks a lot more chiselled in real life.
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Not very English for C&J and Cheaney. The Cheaney's really look more like an Italian ideation/creation than a staid Northampton product.
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I would be interested to see those C&Js in person, actually. The Cheany's look decidedly Italian to me and not terribly attractive at that.
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Is it the chisel shape combined with the blucher-style laces that make those Cheaney's look so clunky? I don't have any other pics in front of me, but it seems the sleeker lasts fit better with a bal closure? Pardon my relative shoe ignorance...
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I like the Cheaney a lot.  As T4phage stated, it looks a lot more chiseled (and sleek) in real life.  I was all set to bite until I saw  this. Decisions, decisions . . .
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Just thought I'd mention that I've now seen that new C&J model in the Jones Bootmaker on Old Broad Street (near Liverpool Street station).  Really really pointy.  Price was GBP 275 so right in the middle of the gap between regular line and Handgrades. I'd guess they're probably available at Gordon Scott on New Bond Street as well (haven't been there for a while, sale's probably coming up soon though...).
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I don't think its a Paris exclusive, I've seen it at the Arcade and Jermyn St. store for just under 300 quid if my memory serves me correctly. Nice looking shoe.
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