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I have no clothes and need help

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I arrived yesterday morning in NYC on an emergency business trip. I was given no time to pack. I was just told I could be staying up to 3 more days. I currently have the following with me: (1) Jeans (was wearing when I left for NYC) (2) American Apparel t-shirt, boxers, athletic socks (all dirty) (was wearing when I left for NYC) (3) Flip flops (was wearing when I left for NYC) (3) Oxxford charcoal suit, Jantzen dress shirt, HF tie, undershirt, boxers, Cole Haan OTC socks, Alden brown cap toe shoes, Brooks Bros. brown belt (currently wearing). (4) One more pair of dress socks, one more pair of boxers, and one more undershirt. That's it. I don't have to wear business formal the next few days, but need to look nice. I can expense reasonable purchases. I am in mid-town and won't have time to look around. What should I buy and wear should I buy it?
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Couple of shirts and ties for cheap. No suits. It will all soon be over.
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HF Sample sale on 40th... buy an odd trouser and a couple of shirts. Get them tailored at the dry cleaners somewhere in the neighborhood, tip an extra $10 for rush service.
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just like johnapril said. Buy two more shirts and ties and keep the same suit for the three days. Luc
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The hotel laundry service is the salvation for all travelers. I just discovered this while preparing for a 12 day trip. I packed just enough for a week and then had items cleaned every few days--mainly shirts and undershirts. It makes packing much easier when you know that you can extend what you bring by using the laundry. The cost was outrageous; for instance, $9.00 per shirt. But if it's for business you should be able to expense it.
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After reading what you were wearing when you left for NYC, my first question would have to be why were you wearing athletic socks with flip-flops? But having just lived through a similar experience with a surprise extension to a business trip, I agree with the previous responses.  Vary it up with a couple of new shirts and ties, and no one will notice or care that you're wearing the same suit.  And the hotel laundry, while overpriced, can be a godsend.
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Another potentially good source for a few cheap ties in midtown is the Daffy's on Madison near 43rd or 44th. It's on the east side of the street, in or near the same blocks BB and PS. There is a much larger Daffy's on the NW corner of 34th and 6th, across from Macy's.
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Damn, that sucks. I dunno what to tell you. I abhor paying retail, but this sounds like one of the times you might not have a choice.
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Agreed. Just go to Brooks or Paul Stuart and buy what you need (socks/shirts/ties). Fortunately you brought a versatile suit, so you'll be fine wearing that the whole time.
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He said he wouldn't need to wear "business formal" the next few days, so the suit's a non-issue. Get one or two pairs of odd trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. Day three, wear the shirt from day one, unless it was really distinctive. In that case, get a second shirt.
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Just walk into the midtown Bloomingdales/Saks/or Barneys', depending on what you think you can get away with, get 2 shirts, and a pair of odd trousers and you're set. I suggest Corneliani for decent, and decently priced shirts and pants (at retail). You could probably do the whole thing for under $600, which is chump change.
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No. Banana Republic knot links are a must for your present needs.
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Brooks Bros, Press, or Paul Stuart. Get a pair of khakis or the minimum equivalent necessary for your gig, one white shirt, an extra tie (maybe), underwear and socks. Become friendly with the concierge at your hotel re same-day cleaning for what you packed. If you have time, invest in a Jiffy travel steamer.
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May I suggest either Raphael or Fioravanti?  
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Hell, why not Darren? Too bad there's no Concorde anymore...
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