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Alden sizing

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Are Aldens true to their size? Does it completely depend on the last or is there a general tendency? Thanks, folks.
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Speaking only for the Plaza and Aberdeen lasts which I own, I believe they are true to size. I understand that the Barrie last runs about 1/2 size large, though, per the folks at Alden of Carmel when I inquired about availability and size recommendation.
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I take a 10.5 but I found that in the Barrie, for the long wing tip cordo, a size 11 was a better fit. 10.5 fits me better in the cordo tassle loafer.
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I can say from personal experience that the sizing for Aldens vary quite a bit, depending on the last. Also, dont forget, it can depend on the leather. A shoe made from cordovan leather will take the shape of the last differently than the same shoe in calf. From my own dealings with Alden I can offer this example: Cordovan leather chukkas, barrie last, 11C Calfskin chukkas, barrie last, 11D Black Cordovan leather lace up high boots, trubalance last, 11E Black cordovan leather chukkas, 10.5 D Tan calfskin oxfords, plaza last, 11E. Not only will different lasts feel and fit differently, but often times the same model shoe, on the same last, might feel and fit differently. Shoes arent metal slugs, stamped out by a machine. They vary, each shoe feels different. Another example - I own 2 pair of Edward greens in the 606 last. Same size, same model, same leather. One pair pinches my toes, the other doesnt. Why? who the hell knows, but its true. I dont know if the shoe experts on here will disagree, and if they do, I defer to their judgement, but to me its an exercise in futility to ask a question about how a shoe fits without trying something on.
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My experience has been Alden sizes are prone to vary significant from standard. Alden of Carmel publishes a conversion chart, but I would want to be sure to try on a pair made from your particularly last. The Barrie last definitely fits large. I'm wearing a half size smaller in it than normal and it is still not a tight fit by any means. I also believe the cordovans fit larger than the calfskin.
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