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the seven deadly sins

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My personal favorite: Avarice (covetousness, greed) "” a desire to possess more than one has need or use for (or, according to Dante, "excessive love of money and power"). In the Latin lists of the Seven Deadly Sins, avarice is referred to as avaritia. I have an ever expanding collection of DVD's. I have so many that I am seriously considering buying two freestanding glass display cases with lighting to house them in. I have a feeling that many of you mull over whether to get some sort of custom racks to display your vass and EG's in. I bet that on this site - we have more than our share of avarice. Just something to stir up some conversation and maybe a bit to think about.
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lf you have a partner, lust is the worst because you are not totally dovoted to that person. Divided loyalties should never happen.
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I thought Ecco shoes would be the dealiest sin in your mind. Are you softening Marc?
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I would like to add that I would like to hear an example of the favorite sin in your life. I.E. my DVD collection. Are you telling us Marc that you have a partner and yet lust after others? That would be truely sordid. And who voted for wrath and didn't explain? Do we have a psycho killer on our hands here? Or just a road-rager? My curiosity is peaked.
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And who voted for wrath and didn't explain? Do we have a psycho killer on our hands here? Or just a road-rager? My curiosity is peaked.
You mean other than j? Keep in mind he is not a terrorist.
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It wasn't J... unless he woke up in the middle of the night to vote on my poll. I was over at his house tonight and saw him head off to bed before I even wrote this. He does like his wrath though.
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I voted for Wrath. Be it in the car on the freeway, or against the tools that come into the bar and think they own the place, or the asshole talking loud on his cellphone in the movie theater, wrath is it. I haven't, nor really want to, kill anyone. But its fun to make fun to yell, make fun of them, and make their life a living hell for a little while.
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for me it's a toss-up between dopey and sneezy.
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Sloth wins it for me. Not that I don't indulge in my fair share of all the other deadly sins, but too often I just end up dicking around and sleeping rather than partaking in any of the above.
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I am big on wrath. I don't even think it should be on the list. Zeal is a virtue, but wrath is a sin? You can't tell me there is a difference between the two...seriously you can't, and if you try to I'll beat the crap out of you. It is a duty for the righeous (ie me) to be wrathful. "A violin is the revenge exacted by the intestines of a dead cat." Something to think about.
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Lust rocks.
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Pride is the most human of all sins. Jon.
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I have to go with avarice and my 800+ movie DVD collection and room full of random electronic stuff that hardly gets used would probably agree.
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Voted for wrath with lust a close second... These would have been reversed if I still lived in CA...
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oh wait...that's the seven deadly dwarfs i was thinking about. (i loved that scene in Cheers.) i voted sloth. that combined with a minor in gluttony over the past few years has contributed to my general lack of fitness and health. it's amazing how many things can start going wrong when you gain some fat and lose some muscle. the close second for me was envy. why noone has mentioned this one is a puzzle to me, as we are in Envy Central here at styleforum. i guess technically it's covetousness, but i think that falls under envy. anyway when my insecurities take over, it's often envy that manifests...i mean, just look at all the people my age who are more successful, wealthy, happy, have done more living, etc., than i probably ever will do/be in my life. i think the eighth deadly sin is 'whininess'. i would have voted for that one. actually, i think we should each come up with an alternative list of sins. whininess melodrama anxiety depression bad punsterism obsequiousness hyperpronate arches
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