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Interest Check for Bed Linens

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It seems we are constantly discussing and looking for the finest luxury products. These sheets are equal to the finest shirting's from Charvet, Kiton, or any other top quality manufacturer.

SFERRA Giza 45 - Jacquard

Simply put, this is the finest cotton in the world.

Usually available only for the finest men's shirts, our bedding made with GIZA 45 cotton is the softest, smoothest and most luxurious that you will ever find. From the longest staple cotton grown in the fertile valley of the river Nile to the master craftsmen in Italy who have woven it to its stunningly smooth finish. Cotton this beautiful defies thread count. Available in White and Ivory only; for a pure, dazzling statement. Both the percale and sateen sheetings are pristine, and coordinate with the SFERRA GIZA 45® jacquard. The Jacquard has a subtle floral toss pattern and they are all finished with the understated hemstitch.

Fabric: 100% Egytian Cotton Jacquard, Sateen, & Percale.

Made in Italy

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We do all sleep in beds (or most of us), so what's the deal?

Sferra can be purchased from many sources, are you offering us a deal?
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Yes 20% Disc.
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Originally Posted by StylenotFashion View Post
Yes 20% Disc.

20% of what? You have no links. No sizes. No prices.
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I just bought Sferra sheets made of micro-modal and <3 them
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Personally, I like my bedsheets raw or one wash at the most, so I can break them in myself.
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So are these new? Price? If they are used you are obviously going to take a bigger hit...

Might want to put some actual pictures as well. Is this an entire set as well, 2 pillows, sheets, blanket, whatttt.?
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yes.. what's your point?
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