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Alexander Julian is re-launching his line at a little higher price point. It's starting to show up in some specialty stores in the South. Haven't seen any sweaters yet...
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I may be in the minority here, but I think Julian was/is actually pretty stylish, though unfortunately tarred with the same brush as his gaudier contemporaries. His trademark was color, but it was mostly far more subtle than the likes of Cosby's sweaters. I'll take Julian's sense of color over the garish Coogi palette any day.
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George Hamilton has two or three restaurants in every city he visits in which he keeps his credit card on file. He instructs the Maitre'd to add 25% gratuity to the bill and he never sees a check. Ever. Pretty slick, if you ask me.
Seems like a typically crass, Hollywood-style, ostentation, if you ask me (and you didn't.) I know several guys who do this. Seems like they're pretending to membership in an English style club in which, at the end of the year, the club members clear their accounts. Or rather, their valets do so for them. Why is it that snobs always emulate the English? Haven't they seen Monty Python's "Upper Class Twit" bit?
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