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Ferris Bueller has my vote
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When I think of 80s movie, I only think of those cheesy classics. No Moonstruck or whatever. Better Off Dead is a favorite. Say Anything, Heathers, the list goes on and on...
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I'm with bradford on Fast Times. None of the others come close as a film with everything - intentional comedy, unintentional comedy, pop-culture references, cultural commentary, occasional drama, etc. Every scene in Fast Times is good. The John Hughes movies are great, but don't approach Fast Times. My chronological/cultural line of demarcation for the 80s, though, is Back to the Future.
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More great 80s films: Raging Bull (though technically a 70s film since it was released in 80) Ragtime ET Risky Business Cotton Club Killing Fields Platoon Broadcast News Mississippi Burning Born on the Fourth of July Goodfellas Reversal of Fortune The Grifters
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Unmentioned thusfar, The Breakfast Club
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I vote Breakfast club too
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weird science sixteen candles but's the best: BREAKIN' and a close runner up: SHORT CIRCUIT
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Raising Arizona: I find that I can almost pick my friends based on this film.
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but's the best: BREAKIN'
Yes. It's like looking in on some kind of strange alien world.
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Whatta we get for $10? Anything. Anything you want. Best 80's movie? Gotta be Up the Creek. Or Blue Thunder
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Commando (best Arnie film hands-down) Better off Dead (Cusak's finest) Gandhi (had to throw in some culture) koji
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Raising Arizona:  I find that I can almost pick my friends based on this film.
I guess we're friends.
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Big Trouble In Little China The Goonies UHF Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Gotcha Top Gun uh.... Rocky 2?
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Caddyshack - 1980. You ever make $14 the hard way? Close second...Raiders of the Lost Ark Asps Indy.
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American Psycho (like I'm gonna vote for anything else.)
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