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A couple of repair questions (shoes/jeans).

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I have a pair of brown suede Bally loafers on which the sole has become partially detached -- it sort of flaps open, if that makes sense. It's not really ripped up or coming off the shoe or anything, but I have not worn them in many months so as to avoid further damage. Is this something I could take care of with simple materials and minimal labor? Obviously I could take them to a shoe repair person, but if this is something that Crazy Glue and 10 minutes can take care of, I'd much prefer hanging onto my money. I wasn't certain about the prospects for damaging the shoe or wasting resources/time by doing this, though. I also have a pair of jeans (yes, yes, streetwear, but I'd imagine this forum will be more helpful in this regard) that have developed a tear up the outside side seam (not in the fabric, just the seam coming apart). What are the prospects for repairing this? Is it something that can be done without making the jeans look bizarre? Would a tailor/alterations person be best to deal with this?
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The jeans sound like an easy repair for anyone. If you want to diy on the shoes you will need Barge cement, but I think that you will get a better result from a repair person
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Can you post a picture of your shoe? Is the outsole worn out? Then you'll have to send them to a cobbler anyway. The kind of repair this requires depends on how the shoes are made. If the sole is stitched then glue will probably make a mess (glue together parts that were not supposed to be so and resoling may be troublesome). Mathieu
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