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Borsalino makes a nice summer cap in my opinion, good sirs.
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borsalinos are pricey... now mack thats a sweet hat...been lookin for something like that...
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+straw fedoras
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Originally Posted by Concepts_BLC View Post
Yup thats one of the ones I had in mind... What does it matter if it was faked or not? If you judged what you put on by that you would be walking around naked. Almost everything is bootlegged now from denim, to eyewear, to footwear, to bags.... I am starting to think that some of the air we breathe might even be knock off. To me I consider that style hat a classic Gucci piece that is timeless (if authentic).

Picture? Everything that shows up in Google is horrid.
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Originally Posted by seamless74 View Post
fellas seriously... following the herd cmon... ever looked at a picture from the 20's or 30's or hell even watch american gangster (lots of cool hats by the way) every man on the planet had a hat.. and for the most part looked the better for it.

The whole thing about hats in my opinion is anybody can buy a hat... not everybody can look good in one.. your style comes through in your selection of hat and how you carry yourself with it.. i dont care if every guy in my town buys a hat aint none of um gonna look as good or find one cooler than me...

and by the looks of this thread you guys are already hunting in the wrong places to find a cool hat... Dj skillz that hat is god awful sorry i wouldnt be found anywhere near that thing... its a hell of a skill to hunt down a good hat or fedora or ivy cap or whatever... but ill tell you this alot of good ones can be found on the cheap side..

and please do not buy designer hats from gucci or paul smith.,.. its the epitome of douche in my opinion... or banana republic or whatever other designer is tryin to put out... buy a hat from a hat designer not a fashion designer please/./

and dave walker... i dunno i love ivy caps really love ivy caps and lookin into gettin some cotton ones myself for the summer.. but as far as plaid goes mmmm... i dont really think its a cool look. maybe with some solid color shorts and white v neck or whatever it might look aight,, but id say the fedora over a plaid ivy at this point anyway...

please dont be scared to share some thanks
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Anybody know of any lightweight summer beanies?
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aight ill give you one for free.... check out the JAXON line of hats... theyre remarkably cheap but well made and have a good contemporary fit... theyve got 3 or 4 nice not over the top straw fedoras you fellas might wanna check out...
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Oh and I have to say, the Bailey Hat company make some really nice straw panamas (made of litestraw? it's supposed to be light and waterproof). They're like $40, but they have a really nice weave.
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+1 on the Gucci Monogram...

I am pretty sure the one in the picture is authentic so it must be timeless. But I everything is fake so it might not be.
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god that hat is terrible... does it come with matchin chain...?
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Originally Posted by KitAkira View Post
Well they're not $1400... more like $200-$800 with the straws generally being on the lower end

Dear Kit Akira,
I don´t know where you were looking or what kind of straw hats you mean.
The "real thing" costs much more than $1400. Good Panama hats from Ecuador, made of the Carludovica Palmata plant would perhaps start at this price, the better ones with a very thin weave (that take months to weave) can be a few thousand, the very best up to $20.000!!!

I know this from my hatmaker Szaszi in Vienna, Austria, who makes the best ones I have ever seen anywhere, or you can look it up on the (very interesting!) website of Brent Black, USA.

All the best,

Zeev Wolf
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Originally Posted by Smokestack View Post
What exactly is a boater? Got a pic or link? Much appreciated...

Hi, Smoke Stack
A boater is a perfectly round hat, both in crown (with a flat top) and brim, normally made out of straw in a light beige or white color with a navy blue band. At the turn of the century it used to be a sailor´s hat, probably that´s why it´s called a boater.
(canotier in French) Then it became very fashionable and every young man in Europe had to wear one to a date, dance, ball etc.
At the moment it is having a big-time revival. It does look dashing, but easy-going, so it´s a good choice for a pleasing, light and airy summer-hat. I love the look, but for older men like myself, it might look a bit too "Maurice Chevalier" that´s to say, ridiculous.

All the best,

Zeev Wolf
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Originally Posted by dj_skillz View Post
I was thinking about getting this fedora...

what do you guys think?

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Originally Posted by ghulkhan View Post
+1 on the Gucci Monogram...

I am pretty sure the one in the picture is authentic so it must be timeless. But I everything is fake so it might not be.

The tags inside are not so easy to fake - so it looks quite the real thing - nice!
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So how do you know what kind of hat favors your face and overall look? There are three of the "stingy brim" Jaxon hats at that I like the look of, but without being able to try them on, I have no idea how they'd look on me, what kind of outfits to wear with them, etc. Is there some reliable one-stop guide to hat-wearing? I'd like to try one out, but I don't want to end up taking advice from the hat equivalent of GQ or Men's Wearhouse, or look like one of the people from Fedora Lounge.

(No offense to people from Fedora Lounge, just really, really not my style.)

And my baseline outfit:

I'm gradually moving towards nice button-downs, flat front chinos, and odd trousers as I get more comfortable with them but right now, I'm in jeans 75% of the time.

Advice from Streetwear hat people?
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