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Summer Hats

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I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions regarding cool ball caps or other types of cool hats for the summer???
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I'm going to revive this neglected thread from long ago. Any thoughts on good hats for the upcoming summer season, especially in reasonably hot climates? (I'm in New York) I have a couple of decent plain-ish, monochrome baseball hats already but given my receding hairline and easily burned skin, I'm always looking for more ideas.
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straw fedoras
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yup +1 straw fedoras...
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that's how i'm rolling.
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i want an authentic panama or one from junya form this season
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like this one...

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mmm I like Borsalino's granted I've never felt the need to spend that much money on a hat but they're damned sexy (mostly animal felt but have straw too)
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the one i posted above is from locke co. hatters. Its around 1400. I wonder how much top of the line borsalinos run for...
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Ill probably pick up a cotton bucket/fisherman hat soon to geek out totally..
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Well they're not $1400... more like $200-$800 with the straws generally being on the lower end
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For ball caps Kangol spacecap ventair are really good in the summertime
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I want a boater.
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can i request that those who have already bought their summer hats or are thinking of buying one post pics of some of these hats? Thanks.
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I just picked up a nice cheap black straw fedora from Topman.
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