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Wardrobe Spreadsheet

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While browsing the forums yesterday, I recall a few forum members stating that they have a spreadsheet that tracks how many times they wear certain items, inventory of their wardrobe, etc. I can't seem to find the thread while searching. Can someone provide me with their spreadsheet, or direct me to the thread? Thanks a lot,
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I don't know if this is what you want but i've just started to photograph all my different outfits. Then when i wear them i put them in a folder as being worn till i go through most of my outfits then i move them all back. Its time consuming to take all the picures but helpful in the mornings when you gotta go and don't want to pick out shirts and ties that look good. A spreadsheet would be easy to make the same way, Do a list for suit/jacket, trousers, tie, shoes, shocks and do one for all the combination then put if its worn or not. Pictures seem easier as you actually get something to look at. I couldn't find the thread either.
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not a bad idea, but I was hoping for the spreadsheet.
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chorse mentioned that he had a spreadsheet that he would make available. He's probably not had time to post it yet. Btw, if you need a place to host it for download, chorse, I've got space I can do it for you.
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yeah, chorse mentioned he didnt have internet access to post it.
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I started working on a similar wardrobe inventory spreadsheet a while back but have since moved the project into the SplashShopper program I use on my Treo 650. If you're a Palm user, this is a nice program for this sort of thing since it has a companion desktop app that syncs w/ your PC or Mac. It was created as a shopping list manager but is usual for all sorts of checklists, I keep a list of clothing items to buy, a packing list for travel, etc.
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Inasmuch as I already give my wife enough fodder to poke fun at me, I should to think what would happen if she knew I was entering my "outfits" into a spreadsheet. At a minimum, she would think that I have enough time to tackle some of those long-outstanding tasks I successfully avoid for months at a time.
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I deal with it by dressing well, which she certainly enjoys. Also it helps to get those projects done on time, and acknowledging the nerdyness.
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I use Microsoft Money to keep inventory of my wardrobe and possessions. I also have digital pictures of just about everything I own. I do this primarily for insurance purposes; otherwise an insurance adjuster might find it hard to believe that a $500 pair of shoes got burnt to ashes.
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For those who asked about Microsoft Money: (I'm using the 2001 version) From the front page click on "Go" then "House Center". Then under the Home Inventory heading, click on "Start tracking my home inventory". Then click "New..." and start entering the information for the item. You can link to an image of the item if you have one. Easy.
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I collect books. I keep info about them in a hand-rolled database. Once, in a fit of boredom, I wrote some display code for it, and proudly showed my wife a nice graph of the number of books and their cost graphed over time. She took one glance, made some "geek." comments that are too harsh to repeat here, and walked out of the room. I can't even imagine what she'd say if she learned I was databasing my daily clothing habits. I've thought of it. But she'd kill me.
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