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Favorite Jantzen Fabrics

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I'm curious which Jantzen fabrics, from those of you who have ordered, are your favorites? I have a shirt in this fabric and like it.
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I just ordered this with a spread collar for Spring:
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I just ordered this with a spread collar for Spring:
If you ordered from Jantzen, I hope you mean next spring (2006), because that's about when you'll be receiving it.
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I actually did that with my last order, placing it months before I expected the shirts to arrive, as well as months before I expected to pay for them. And then they went and arrived in all of three weeks. I also got this one, for Spring: That was in addition to this, mentioned above:
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I know it's not very convenient, but I sort of enjoy the element of surprise.
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guess its like lotto..never know when its going to hit
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Chorse i just ordered that second one and Stripe #137, White with Purple & Pink Stripes, 120's, 2 Ply, 100% Italian Cotton and #10, Salmon End & End Design, 100's, 1 Ply, 100% Japanese Cotton Quick question, i placed the order and haven't gotten a confirmation email or anything. So will my order stay in until they get time and like in a month all of a sudden i'll see myself charged?
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Parker, I have the baby blue Gingham check. The fabric is very soft and has held up very well at the laundry. They also have the navy blue, baby pink and shocking pink Gingham checks. My best advice is pick up the phone and give Ricky a call - because he tells me he ain't have time to check his email. His computer is gathering dust and cobwebs are developing. Jantzen has many fabrics to choose from but Ricky has not had time to update his swatch collection on the web. What you see on the web is just a tip of the iceberg. If you know someone locally it may be best to get that person to follow up the order by going directly to the shop. That's your best chance.
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Can't quite figure out Ricky.  I ordered 10 shirts in April of 2004, and received a quick response that only nine of the fabrics were in stock.  He sent me three shirts per post over several months.  All were well done and to my specs. I again ordered 10 shirts last month, and was rather surprised when Ricky charged my credit card immediately.  The charge, however, was not consistent with the order, so I went back to last years order and found that he had never charged me for that order...which was, presumably, the most recent charge to my credit card. I enjoy ordering from Jantzen; my job can be sometimes hands-on and I often change my dress shirt a couple of times per day.  It's not uncommon that I destroy a shirt either, which makes it necessary for me to buy many more shirts than some would think necessary. Having Jantzen as a source of tolerably well made shirts that are, to some extent, disposable allows me to wear a decent shirt and at the same time not worry about ruining it. This being said, I have no idea, given his methods, how Ricky manages to stay in business.  I guess that is comes down to volume, volume, volume. I have learned, however, to be more vigilant about checking my monthly credit card statements. What the status of my most recent order is I have no idea.  I guess time will tell.
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This being said, I have no idea, given his methods, how Ricky manages to stay in business.  I guess that is comes down to volume, volume, volume.
He manages to stay in business because he sells custom (MTM, whatever) shirts made of decent material with all the specifications you could possible want at $43 a piece. The way I see it is that you should do exactly what you're doing: order a bunch of shirts at one time and put them out of your mind for a while. Then when you get them, order a bunch more. I put in an order for 4 shirts and am waiting to receive them. Once I receive that order I plan to put in another order for 10 more shirts. In the meantime, to fill my shirt cravings (I'm severely addicted) I order one shirt at a time each week or two from Chan (who takes 1-2 weeks to deliver) and a few shirts at a time from Hemrajani (who takes a little over a month). If I get my Jantzen shirts, great, if not, oh well, did'nt cost me anything. Also, I think Ricky realizes that people get a little concerned about his methods and that's why he doesn't charge your credit card until he ships your entire order. I would be a lot more concerned about the uncertainty of getting my Jantzen shirts if Ricky charged my credit card right when I placed my order. This way, if I never get my shirts, at least I never paid for them.
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Ricky says if he would be worked to death if he was to fulfil all the web orders. He does not show up to work until around lunch time as he works until late into the wee hours, leaving David to hold the fort. Last week, when I dropped in to pick up my stuff he was very apologetic as for the very first time my shirts were not ready as scheduled. The next day when I returned David said Ricky called in sick. A few years ago when things was not as hectic, I could get my shirts within 48 hours. Things have gradually slipped with the increase in business. Also, for old customers, we used to get a special discount, but recently he has cancelled this. Ricky says he has enough business locally to keep him busy and would be difficult to cater to overseas orders given him and his staff are working at overcapacity.
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Next time you see him tell him to raise his price to $65 -- for web orders at least.
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montecristo#4, it's not the price factor. Ricky would rather do the local orders than deal with the web orders as going through email orders (which are long and detailed) and replying consumes a lot more time and energy than he otherwise could apply to local orders. Just imagine how appealing it would be after a hectic day in the shop to go home to a mass of long anal emails, each for just one or two shirts? Like I said, even just the local orders are swamping him. My best advice is keep your emails simple, especially as English is not his strong area.
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If these are the problems that Jantzen is having, then there are some really simple solutions. He could raise the prices on the shirts sold to overseas buyers to say, something like $65 which would have the effect of lowering demand. He could also impose a minimum order requirement for overseas orders which would also lower demand. These would also allow him to keep the same profits, just at a different price point.
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