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I was recently looking through my closet of shirts and ties and was wondering what could bring more spunk to them. I was thinking of suspenders just for that different look. I am in sales and not required to wear a jacket, only a tie. Because it is retail sales, I was wanting a way to bring fun into such a dull atmosphere. What colors do I coordinate with? Bold colors from the tie, or subtle colors? Or am I just going to make myself look like an idiot?
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Idiot is the answer to your question without any doubts =)
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I am in sales and not required to wear a jacket, only a tie.
As a buyer (of media, professionally, and retail I suppose), I appreciate my sales reps dressing professionally. While I like the look of wearing a jacket without a tie, I cannot support wearing a tie without a jacket. It looks as if you had been wearing a jacket, and simply took it off (which a gentleman never does, in my opinion). Instead of braces - which bring to mind Amish farmers and/or Gordon Gekko - why not wear sport coats? I submit that this could bring the fun into the workplace that you desire. I also submit that an engaging personality can inject fun into dull situations like no clothes ever could.
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I simply still don't see why braces get the bad rap in the states that they do. They've always been a staple of english sartorial tradition. They are much more practical, stylish and effective than belts. ....that being said, I don't wear them because of the "amish farmer/GG" stigma.
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Thanks for the replies. Now I worry about it. Basically it is a store in a Mall-like environment. In some mall stores you see sales people in ties, no jacket. Personally, I would rather just see Dockers and a polo shirt, but it's not my choice. But thanks again to all whole replied..
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