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Reducing chest of coat

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Dear Folks: I could ask my tailor this question, but it's 9PM EST and the shop is closed. I am a 40R generally, so the measure of the chest of my coats is about 2 inches greater. Sometimes I see a 42R or 43R, with, say a chest measure of 45" which is about three inches more than I need. How much can a coat be taken in without wrecking it? In these cases I am speaking of solids or regular patterned weaves, not stripes or plaids, if this makes a difference.
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If you normally wear a 40R, presumably the shoulders of a 42-43R are too wide, yes? From everything I've heard, altering the chest or shoulders is a lot harder than, say, taking in the waist.
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It's hard enough to get a perfect fit even when you've selected the correct size. I recommend that you choose the right size jacket initially, rather than trying to whittle something down to fit. Besides, all the proportions of a too-large coat will be scaled up--not just the chest. A properly fitting suit from a mall would invariably look better than a poorly fitted suit from Oxxford or Brioni.
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Reducing shoulders is hard-to-impossible, yes, but in this case the jacket is listed at 18.5 for shoulders, which is within my range, given the level of shouder padding [not too much]. General cut is a little boxy -- in one case, it's a late 50s vintage coat -- so I won't be looking for some formfitting continental tailoring either, but I don't want a sack.
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It's easier to take in the back. In the front you get into problems with the pockets.
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I think you can have the chest taken in about two inches. It's no easy task though...the bottom of the armhole has to be disassembled. Get a quote from your tailor first.
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You may be perfectly satisfied with bringing in the waist, and leaving the chest alone. I've found that how a coat fits has more to do with the waist and shoulders than the actual chest measurements. This is my own personal perception, of course, and your mileage may vary.
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