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Has BR gone crazy?

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This has to qualify as one of the dumbest product marketing moves in the past 6 months...
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This, you mean? "(Please note: This cuff link style does not fit Banana Republic French-cuffed shirts.)"
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Pink has been selling them for years
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My night went from shitty to not that bad. Thanks, Norcal. I'm in tears laughing right now.
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Arent these free at most places?
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hahaha but these... then buy someone else's shirt to go with them
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No, they aren't free at any places I know of. But at least most places sell knots that actually fit in the shirts that they sell.
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How can they not fit?
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Twenty bucks. #Q)_#@$)_Q. Even overpriced Charvet silk knots are about $12.
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They are $20 for three (still highly priced). They are too thick for the buttonholes.
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BTW, I think Banana Republic Premium shirts are an even dumber marketing move. It started out so promising, and has now simply become a haven for American Jackass style.
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Somebody should send this to Jay Leno for the headlines segment. This is pretty damn funny.
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Charvet are actually $14, however they are real silk. Most others are just elastic. Though the Charvet are real silk, they fall apart pretty easy.
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Man, this is funny... LMAO Jon.
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I work at BR and yes i'm not proud of it, and now even but its money. Anyhow we got those in and sold about 5-6 pairs and then all of a sudden we started getting them back cause they didn't fit. This was from their first batch about 3 months ago. I guess they aren't smart enough to fix the problem. They are free usually with shirts from BB.
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