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Alterations in Brisbane, AU

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good source for alterations in Brisbane, AU? Relatively inexpensive clothes, so would prefer relatively inexpensive alterations.

Do the Cloakroom do alterations? Anyone used them?


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I'd like to know this as well.
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I've taken a few things to R I Fashion studio in the Indooroopilly mall and haven't had any complaints. Just tell them exactly what you want and they should get it spot on.

Here are their details:
Phone: (07) 3878 1466 Address: Suite 13, Level 4, Indooroopilly Shopng Centre, Moggill Road, Indooroopilly
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Thanks flash. Can you give the forum some idea of prices?
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I decided that I would compile of a list of who to go to in Brisbane. Ashley & Schreder, Lennons Hotel. This guy is a trained tailor and has been in business for pretty much his whole working life. He's a little bit disorganised sometimes - he tends to right your details on a piece of scrap paper - but he gets things done on time and is extremely affordable. I've gone to him countless times for alterations including: Replacing sleeve linings, altering seat and waist bands, shortening and lengthening sleeves, taking in side seams of a jacket, shortening jackets, re stitching pick stitching. George, Joe Richards, City. I haven't had anything altered by George personally but he does some work for some friends of mine and has almost performed miracles when cleaning up a botched job from Doree. He does alot of work for Borrelli so its going to be good. Tess, NAB Building, City: She is used by almost everyone in the city, including Herringbone, David Jones, Rhodes & Beckett, Xile, Mitchel Ogilvie and alot of other small shops. Im not sure why people use her, it might be something to do with the fact that she has almost taken over a whole floor to her business. The work is competent but not necessarily better than Ashley Schreder. She usually charges a fair bit more than the above though. Brisbane Alterations, Rowes Arcade: I use these guys for my shirts. They do a good job at taking in the side seams. They will redo single needle stitching and french seams in your better shirts and will even sew the gussets on. I haven't been there for a while but I think they charging $35.00 per shirt. Regent Tailors, : I've only used these guys once for cutting some sleeve buttonholes on a Pal Zileri coat. They did a great job and it didn't cost too much, but they took along time to get the work done. The buttonholes weren't done by hand, but they had a good machine which looked factory standard. I dont know if they did the work themselves or outsourced it so I really can't give a recommendation. Doree, Queen St Mall: Avoid these like the plague. Their staff lack people skills and they can't take instructions, which means they end up f&*king the whole thing up. Anthony Cavallo, Stones Corner He does some of the work for Mitchel Ogilvie, in particular Brioni. He's also been in the tailoring business for a long time. The quality of the work is great, alot of it is fine handwork but because he's a one man operation and because he's retirement age he's probably a little reluctant to do major jobs and will also tend to take his time. Not the exhaustive list by any means but its definitely something to work with. Alterations are a dime-a-dozen but the quality is usually pretty hit and miss.
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If you work in the city, Bob Schreder of Ashley and Schreder is probably the cheapest service and he and his employees generally do good work. Bob is located in Lennon's Hotel at the top of the Queen St Mall, opposite the Myer Centre. Expect to pay about $30 each for sleeve and trouser shortening on a suit, and about $70 to have the sides of a jacket taken in. TESS Alterations are reputedly good, although some have had a few less-than-excellent results and their prices are fairly high. They are in the same building and on the same floor as the Cloakroom. Doree, near HMV in the centre of the Mall, are absolute, appalling, overpriced rubbish. Please do not use them. The prices are high, they do not know what they are doing with men's clothing and they do not listen to what you want them to do. Not recommended at all. Although he is more expensive than Bob Schreder, George the tailor at Joe Richards' store in Elizabeth St (opposite the back of the Myer Centre) does excellent work. He does all the work himself, instead of giving it to pieceworkers (which is what Bob Schreder and Tess do), quite often does at least part of it by hand, and takes great pride in his work. What's more, he is happy to listen to you, to do exactly what you want, and he knows what looks good in a man's suit. He charges about $40 for sleeve and trouser shortening. I am very, very happy with the work that he has done for me. He also happens to be a really nice person and a good conversationalist, too. The Cloakroom chaps are not tailors and thus they do not do alterations. Given that they are virtually right next to Tess Alterations, I suspect that they use them.
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neyus, Journeyman - great info, well done.
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I'm going to have to bookmarks this page. Kudos.
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You guys are awesome, thanks very much.
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Glad to be of assistance. I'd like to echo Neyus's comments about Bob Schreder - he has his own views as to what your suit should look like and if you want something different, you'll really have to insist on it and push him. Other than that, he's pretty reliable. However, I prefer George as whilst he costs a little more, in my experience his quality of work really is very good and he is friendly, happy to listen to you and do what you ask, whilst making useful suggestions at the same time.
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I'd look at Tik Tak in George Street upstairs in the same building as Stuart Suits. I've had very good results there, having had to take trousers to them to be fixed after an Ashley & Schreder job.

I just have no confidence in Ashley & Schreder - writing your details and order on a torn off scrap of paper is hardly confidence-building, and you have to change and be fitted basically behind the counter completely in the public view.
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Thank you! this is hugely helpful. Do any of these tailors do jeans hem chainstitching by any chance? I've got jeans to hem and a jacket to take in the sides.
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Seconding Journeyman's remarks, use Bob Schreder for cheaper stuff and George for anything complex, or Tony Cavallo if you're digging a slightly more old-fashioned silhouette.
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Even though I am in Canberra I have friends and family in Brisbane so am there often. How much would getting a shirt dart'ed set me back approximately at both Ashley & Schreder and George?

Many thanks. I hadn't realised so many Australians and even Brisbane folk are on here.
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I was chatting to George the other day and he showed me a certain Shepherds check Cucinelli jacket he had to alter. Was that yours Journeyman?
I mostly use Tess, and the results have generally been positive.
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